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    California SOLD: For Sale: 21" OEM Wheels & Tires

    I hadn't planned on switching wheels this soon, but a set of 20" Dark AT's fell into my lap and I couldn't pass them up. I honestly have no idea how to price these wheels, so I'm going to throw this out there and see how folks react. I am in the SF Bay Area and can meetup locally to show the...

    Rivian Part Numbers - A Crowdsourced Parts Catalog

    I have seen threads on other forum where people post OEM part numbers, a description of the item and a pic of the part if they have one. Since Rivian is brand new and parts are going to hard to find for a while let's start a list of OEM Rivian part numbers. Try to use the following format...

    Satin Black Powder Coated Rivian Factory 21" Wheels

    I ditched the aero covers and had my wheels powder coated satin black. Changes the look of the truck completely. I have custom made Rivian center caps (see my other thread) that will go on after I get the truck back from being ceramic coated.

    21" Wheel Center Caps - Move from the Aero Covers to the wheels

    I've seen the threads on buying center caps off amazon for the 21" wheels. After taking the aero cover off and inspecting it I realized I could modify it to fit the center hole on the 21" wheels. BUT, it requires chopping up your aero covers. I do not plan to run the aero covers (don't like...

    Launch Green Launch Edition R1S spotted at the So. SF Service Center

    I picked up my R1T at the So. SF this evening and they had just unloaded an R1S. It was a Launch Edition with Forrest Edge interior. They said it was for an employee.