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  1. bd5400

    R1T Spotted Testing in Europe - Spain

    Someone posted on Reddit that they came across this R1T testing in Spain recently. Pretty neat to see, though I haven’t heard any news in a while about European production.
  2. bd5400

    Official: Factory OEM Off-Road Bumper and Winch Not Coming From Rivian

    Many people have been waiting for news on Rivian’s OEM winch and off-road bumper. There have been prototypes spotted in the wild and previously the app itself made reference to winch control. Unfortunately, Rivian has abandoned development of an off-road bumper with winch integration.The Reddit...
  3. bd5400

    Kneel Mode coming in next OTA software update 2022.39.0

    No Dashcam yet, but we’re getting kneel mode and a nice list of refinements. Edit: sorry the pics are out of order. Posting from my phone!
  4. bd5400

    R1T Without Tonneau Option Delivered

    A new owner on Reddit has received an R1T without the tonneau option. This is the first I’ve seen. You can see the different button in the image below. Unfortunately, it seems like the owner did not realize they had to re-add the tonneau option after the price change and never intended to...
  5. bd5400

    Upcoming App Update Enables: Triggering the Alarm, Opening the Frunk, and Closing the Windows

    The next, or upcoming, app update enables triggering the alarm, opening the frunk, and closing the windows. Maybe this will come along in conjunction with the next vehicle software update which fixes the alarm. Very nice to see the app gain more functionality! For those who can’t see the...
  6. bd5400

    Help Mounting Cargo Basket

    I have a cargo basket I am trying to mount to the Rivian crossbars. The mounting hardware I received with the basket (it’s not from a major brand) consists of a small metal plate that slides into the T-slot, a screw, and a lock washer. The problem I’m facing is that in order to tighten the...
  7. bd5400

    Remove Bed Light?

    Has anyone removed one of the bed lights? My driver's side bed light hasn't worked since delivery and I'm wondering if its something as simple as a missed connector. I'd hate to schedule service if its just something easy I can take care of myself. However, the light is so tight against the bed...
  8. bd5400

    Minor Update - Shuttle Removed from Pre-Order

    The updated delivery window email mentioned gear tunnel shuttles (and tents and kitchens) being removed from orders with 2022 delivery dates. It looks like that actually occurred for me sometime today. Logged in and noticed my preorder price was a bit lower then saw that the shuttle was gone...
  9. bd5400

    First reported Adventure trim Rivian R1T delivery

    For what it’s worth, there is a Reddit user from Wisconsin has had a Rivian Blue Adventure trim delivered: PER OWNER: Specs. Series: Adventure Wheels: 20” All-Terrain Exterier: Rivian Blue Interior: Black Mountain Battery: Large Powered Tonneau even though I did not add it to my adventure...
  10. bd5400

    Latest OTA Updates Adds Surround View Camera

    Ambosrivians on instagram just made a post showing the new surround view camera view when in reverse. A very welcome improvement.
  11. bd5400

    The Forum is Stereotyping Yellow Cars

    Apparently the CAPTCHA system thinks that all yellow cars are taxis. Wouldn’t let me proceed without selecting the yellow Mazda on the lower right!
  12. bd5400

    Can't Access Rivian Account?

    Tried to log into my account and got a password error. Tried to reset my password but the email never arrives. Is anyone else having issues right now? I'm curious if it's just me or if they are having some problems on their end.... Edit: I was also signed out of the app automatically and can't...