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    HV battery / drive unit replacement experiences?

    Update from Rivian yesterday was they ordered a HV battery and rear drive unit. Once the parts arrive it will take a couple of days to swap everything out.

    New 20" Aftermarket Wheel Options from Method Race Wheels and Fuel Off-Road Now Available at

    I'm sure this will now show up on every Jeep forum on the interwebs and the quote will be... "Bro look at my awesome flex...."

    How can you accurately measure range when you switch wheel/tire sizes without RIVIAN recalibration?

    @100% charge: - The range with 21's was 326. - The range with 20's and after being reprogrammed is still 326. I would have expected the range at 100% charged, post reprogramming to 20's, to be lower by about 10-15%. Let's say somewhere in the 275-290 range at 100%. Yes the reprogramming...

    How can you accurately measure range when you switch wheel/tire sizes without RIVIAN recalibration?

    When I switched from 21's to 20's I just paid attention to the battery %. I try never to go below 10%, so I didn't stress out about it. The interesting thing is that at 100% charged the range in miles shows 326 both before Rivian updated my tires size and after. So I'm not sure Rivian has...

    Silly Question - Use 21" spare with 20" AT

    On a traditional car I would say yes, but only in a pinch to get you to the shop to fix a tire. On the Rivian with 4 independent motors I'd say run it! Probably not long term but given the independent motors I would do it.

    HV battery / drive unit replacement experiences?

    My R1T died last Wednesday. Completely unresponsive in the morning. Mobile tech replaced the 12v batteries only to have them get drained in about 15 minutes. Multiple "critical battery issue" error messages and "high voltage warnings". Truck was towed to the service center and I'm waiting to...

    Truckee Rivian charge station

    Anyone heard anything about San Jose, CA Service Center opening?

    I talked to a mobile tech this week. He said the San Jose SC is waiting for final permits in order to start servicing cars. They are supposed to be fully operational on 12/5.

    North Carolina Rivian Crossbars for Sale- Raleigh, NC Area

    Contact your guide. They will send you a UPS shipping tag to return them. They sent a bunch of people an extra set by mistake.

    Texas [sold]Cargo Crossbars - New in box - Austin, TX ($425)

    Someone posted in a thread that they returned their crossbar to Rivian for a full refund. Might be worth a call to your guide.

    A leap of faith that ends up with regret (Critical Battery).... by shipping R1T to Kuwait

    @myboodai - you might try reading this thread for info on how a Rivian Tech connected the 12v batteries. I think I read in your thread that you replaced yours? If so, might be worth noting the process used by the tech to see if you did the same thing. Not sure this will help you any, but...

    RAN Rivian Charging Stations Locations Map via Google Maps

    Looks like the permit for the Truckee CA charger was issues at the beginning of October. No date for the final inspection scheduled yet. Fingers crossed they get it up and running before the snow really hits hard. Looks like 3 RAN charger stalls and a trailer pull through charging station...

    Potential scammers.. be aware

    Totally legit... :clap:

    SF Bay Area PPF Installer Recommendations? They are in Concord.

    RIVIPARTS Cell Phone Ball Mount PRO 1 Inch Model

    I went for a 60 mile drive today. The phone moves around too much for my liking with this mount. The placement is really nice with the extra height, but it just shakes the entire time you are driving unless the roads are buttery smooth. I think using the medium double ended RAM mount arm...

    RIVIPARTS Cell Phone Ball Mount PRO 1 Inch Model

    I'm an Android phone kind of person... Pixel 7 Pro to be exact. 🍻 I had some leftover RAM Mount parts from a past project, so ordered the 1" ball mount from @RWerksman. The arm going from the Riviparts mount to the RAM mount is the short double socket arm. The short mount bumps the phone up...

    DCE Weistec Rivian Rock Sliders Group Buy

    I looked at their website, but did not find any specification on the material used. What wall thickness is the tube? Is the tube DOM or HREW or other? What thickness is the plate on the brackets. Hard to tell from the images.