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  1. bd5400

    New Rivian Service Center Map - Including Future Locations

    It seems like New Mexico is one of the states that prohibits Rivian from setting up a service center. Tesla got around it by placing their service center and showroom on tribal land so maybe Rivian needs more time to do the same (or perhaps they can't due to an agreement Tesla already has)...
  2. bd5400

    Any R1S Ocean Coast Delivery Yet?

    Ocean Coast is supposed to start in 2023 for the R1S.
  3. bd5400

    Anyone experience a Totaled R1T? How was insurance? How was value determined?

    It is definitely NOT part of my policy. It was discussed as something they were working on when I took delivery in July, but not finalized. While I have new car replacement, it doesn’t guarantee delivery priority. More importantly, it also only covers up to 110% of my purchase price so I would...
  4. bd5400

    Milwaukee reservation holder here!

    One in Waukesha as well! One of the early R1T owners in the state also got an R1S.
  5. bd5400

    Milwaukee reservation holder here!

    Rivian updated the service center map to include upcoming locations and Milwaukee is listed! Not sure how accurate the location is, but if it’s correct then it looks like West Allis will have a service center for Southeast Wisconsin.
  6. bd5400

    Gear Guard kept recording video while I drove

    I’ve had that happen a few times before when I’ve started driving very soon after entering the vehicle.
  7. bd5400

    Woa Tesla Cybertruck getting 1000-Volt architecture capable of V4 supercharging

    I have no basis for this, but I do agree that it’s highly unlikely we will ever see the current quad motor R1T with the max pack. Rivian’s announcement that the max will come to dual motor first strongly suggests that the max pack is being engineered in tandem with the enduro motors, likely...
  8. bd5400

    Next Firmware release question…

    And this isn’t our first update. It’s very clear from every prior update that these do not go out to every vehicle over a 24-48 hour period and each time there are people who have to wait several days before getting it.
  9. bd5400

    Next Firmware release question…

    I’m sure there are people still waiting. It only released a couple of days ago. I received it late last night.
  10. bd5400

    Where's my Tank Turn?

    They didn’t drive an R1T with tank turn. They did minimal background research on an R1T and then added a reference to tank turn in their article, based on something they saw online.
  11. bd5400

    Poll: How often do you use the Camp Speaker?

    At this point I’m an “almost never” but I do expect that to change after winter and when I get used to actually having it. There were several occasions I could have used it last summer but completely forgot it existed.
  12. bd5400

    Gear Guard Plushy now available in Rivian Gear Shop Store

    Same, haha Thought about using my dog as an excuse but I’d never send Gary to that fate. Plus, that’s a pricey chew toy.
  13. bd5400

    Renting out Rivian R1T on Turo ?

    Keep in mind that repair times right now are very long, so fixing damage may lead to long downtime for the vehicle and renters don’t usually like to rent cars that already have damage on them, especially more expensive vehicles. And if someone totals it, you’re back in line waiting for a new...
  14. bd5400

    Renting out Rivian R1T on Turo ?

    When we had a Model 3 on Turo we would just leave a keycard hidden in the interior and lock/unlock the vehicle via the app at pickup and drop off. Since the keycard isn’t proximity based, it avoids some of the issues caused by proximity keys. If the key to our Model X isn’t in an RFID pouch, the...
  15. bd5400

    New Rivian R1 Software Introduction -- Roomy Entry and Exit

    I'm guessing this means we'll start to see reports of the public release within the next 24 hours. I don't necessarily need the feature, but it is appreciated. My GX had it and I'd gotten very used to easy exit over the years.
  16. bd5400

    Gave up on R1S and ordered a 4Runner TRD Off-Road Premium today.

    I hope you at least kept your reservation just in case. Unless you need the deposit back it doesn't make much sense to get rid of the reservation until you actually decline when its your time to buy. Also, since you ordered silver, there's a solid chance you would have been pushed to 2024...
  17. bd5400

    Crash concerns and insurance rates…

    The red one you linked to is in worse condition than it actually seems. The interior of the bed is buckled because the entire rear is pushed in (I saw pictures from the owner when that incident happened). You can also see a crease above the gear tunnel door from the rear impact.
  18. bd5400

    Rivian Suspension Upgrade Coming...?

    Tenneco is already the supplier for Rivian’s suspensions, no? I’m pretty sure this is just referring to the current suspension setup and is a weirdly timed press release from Tenneco.
  19. bd5400

    R1T Spotted Testing in Europe - Spain

    They look like wheel force transducers for measuring road load in testing. Example:
  20. bd5400

    R1T Spotted Testing in Europe - Spain

    Someone posted on Reddit that they came across this R1T testing in Spain recently. Pretty neat to see, though I haven’t heard any news in a while about European production.