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  1. R1TJ

    2022 vs 2023 Tax credit…Again

    Beginning in 2024 the rebate can be applied at the point of sale. Silver lining for those of us with a long wait?
  2. R1TJ

    10 day young R1T encounter vs Deer @ 40 MPH - damage report & photos

    Did the sensors give you any alert or attempt to brake before impact? I'm glad that you and the truck are (mostly) ok.
  3. R1TJ

    R1S Review Upcoming - What Would You Like To See?

    I'd like to know what it is actually like to drive around with 6 or 7 people loaded up and how everyone's experience is in each of the rows. Would it be comfortable to drive to Denver and back fully loaded with passengers?
  4. R1TJ

    Late/End-of-October Delivery Estimate Updates

    I've made several significant configuration changes since last December's delivery window update - R1T Explore -> R1T Adventure -> R1S Adventure (current). I'm looking forward to getting any sense of a delivery window, even knowing which half of which year to plan for.
  5. R1TJ

    Delay your order (on purpose)?

    If your reasoning for the delay is tough winters, I would want it sooner rather than later. The weight distribution, torque vectoring, and adjustable ride height are all major benefits in snowy conditions.