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  1. Something is missing here.... can you spot it?

    A winch? Some mud on the side from an actual adventure? A flashy light bar?
  2. R1T isn't a 'Truck'? Think Again. Best vehicle I've ever owned, hands down.

    LOL a Tesla MY could do everything you R1T did including the trailering. It’s not a truck for one solid reason: 4.5’ bed. It’s as much as a truck as a Subaru Baja or Hyundai Santa Cruz. Payload also sucks and is the limiting factor for towing/hauling. Its as much of a truck as the EV Hummer...
  3. Hacking Rivian security with Flipper Zero (Spoiler Alert: Rivians are built like a fortress)

    They have Bluetooth range extenders as well. This is what is commonly used to “hack” a Tesla parked in the driveway if owner phone is nearby. I’d prefer a standard key that has immediate response and accurate proximity functionality rather than the delayed set up in current form. How often are...
  4. Would you buy a Rivian R1T bed Cap / Topper ?

    What about the bed rail buttons for tailgate and cargo door?
  5. Replacement battery cost

    Save money by buying a 4 year old Toyota. Guaranteed to save more than you will ever with an EV. EV is luxury. Nothing more. Saving time, gas, and maintenance, is a joke. Your air suspension is most likely to fail over a battery and cost you a fortune.
  6. Check your seat bolts (missing in my R1T)

    Loving the quality of these vehicles.
  7. R1T and Mountain Biking

    Some PPM bleach would help w that. In small doses, it shouldn’t be harmful and help delay or prevent mildew/mold/slime growth.
  8. Electric Coolers - worth the cost?

    This is what I had and used for years. There is a video on alipcoolers on how to tune the settings so you can adjust accuracy of thermostat, change swing temps, etc. fantastic value overall. Uses about 50wh of energy so on a large battery, it can last a day or two without significant impact. A...
  9. Alex on Autos' Follow-Up After Selling His R1T

    Maybe a bad 12v battery that keeps the car running to keep it topped off?
  10. Tested: Gear Tunnel fits 4 five gallon propane tanks nicely and securely

    Seems like a big boom waiting to happen!
  11. Alex on Autos' Follow-Up After Selling His R1T

    I’ve been gone for 2 weeks and checked on my Model y a few times (thus waking it up) and it has only lost 1kw over the 2 weeks (based on remaining mileage reduction) most of which was in the first two days and has since stabilized. It was 165 miles when we left. After 1 week, 161. Still 161...
  12. My Kuwaiti Rivian has been revived!!

    Great news! Thanks for sharing. Hopefully it wasn’t too expensive to fix. Maybe Rivian can learn from this.
  13. Quad Motor Mercedes EQG (G-Wagon) with G-Turn (Tank Turn)

    Each electric motor is able to provide individual drive to each wheel through a mechanical two-speed gearbox, offering both high and low-range gearing Dual speed gear box will make this an off-road beast compared to that of the Rivian. Lower gearing will mean independent motors will be strong
  14. Scout EV pickup/SUV teaser released. Visit new sister-site @

    All these cars are shifting towards subscription based in the USA given our deeply rooted consumer environment. Volvo has implemented it. Tesla has to some degree with FSD and premium connectivity. There will be a day where you subscribe to ownership and never fully own a vehicle. This will only...
  15. Does your flashlight work?

    Keeping it charged 100% probably killed the battery but it should still light up. 3 years isn’t a long time.
  16. Rivian email customer service doesn't respond

    @disneydad, is that you?
  17. Guys, what do you think about this ?

    This is why I switched to R1S preorder after my first Mike drive several months ago. A sub-5’ bed is not good for anything. Heck-you can’t fit more than one appliance in there. Forget about helping with a clothes washer/dryer unless you unpackage the whole thing and use every last inch on the...
  18. Anyone else not like Rivian's sounds?

    Legislation in 2020 changed some of the guidelines for PWS. For instance, prior to this being signed into law, Tesla did not incorporate this on their vehicles.
  19. Anyone else not like Rivian's sounds?

    The only time the sound would be needed is when backing up. If you use situational awareness, you can mitigate this risk. In general, it’s pretty annoying and pollutes the environment with sound. The Toyota and Nissan ones are incredibly loud and annoying.
  20. CA owners. Fees ...

    My experience has always been +/- 0.5% from 11% for Bay Area. Register in South Dakota to save on taxes. You can register to a LLC so when you’re pulled over and registration doesn’t match Ca drivers license, hon can claim it is for business.