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    New Rivian Service Center Map - Including Future Locations

    Looks like Rivian also updated the Service Center maps, including future locations. Of course, those locations don't have dates.
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    New Service Center map

    Looking forward to one of these new service centers in NJ to open.
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    Alex on Autos' Follow-Up After Selling His R1T

    Seems like a fair follow up. I understand and can agree with his points of view on some of the topics.
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    R1T review by TheDrive

    No new information, but some nice pictures of Limestone/20" Dark/Forest Edge.
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    Phone as a key with smart watches?

    Just curious, does the phone as a key work with an Apple Watch (or other smart watch), if you don't have your phone with you? If it doesn't now I do realize it may be possible through an update at some point. It could make the wrist key redundant or unnecessary for people that use smart watches.