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  1. BourboNole

    Something is missing here.... can you spot it?

    Looks like no Rivian side lettering.
  2. BourboNole

    Florida Limestone R1T, Ocean Coast, 21”Road Wheels

    Tempted to sell mine and snag yours just to get a working tonneau cover again :CWL::CWL:.
  3. BourboNole

    R1T isn't a 'Truck'? Think Again. Best vehicle I've ever owned, hands down.

    The way I like to look at it is that it is better as a truck than what the average American uses a truck for. No, it will usually not beat a true work truck if you are using it for farm or construction work, but I would venture that well less than half of the trucks sold in America are actually...
  4. BourboNole

    Rivian Suspension Upgrade Coming...?

    Pitch control could certainly be useful to stop the porpoising in sport mode.
  5. BourboNole

    ProClip Phone Mount Released For Rivian -- Angled & Center Dash Options

    I decided to google ProClip Rivian to see if there was any news and lo and behold they have released their mounts. Unfortunately the one that puts the phone in the ideal location is really unsightly. There is another mount that clips into the center of the passenger dash that is currently out...
  6. BourboNole

    NEW - RIVIPARTS Cell Phone Ball Mount PRO

    Which Ram Ball are you using to attach the quad lock mount? I think this is the way I am going to go.
  7. BourboNole

    Alexa falling out of favor at Amazon and on pace for $10B Loss

    Amazon has completely nerfed Prime Music to force people onto Unlimited, but at this point even though I have an Alexa in nearly every room and countless integrations, I am strongly considering dumping the whole thing. The only thing that keeps me for now is the convenience of the shopping...
  8. BourboNole

    Car Wash Mode Locked Me Out

    I haven't been through a car wash yet, but I was super annoyed to find out that if either of the front seatbelts is buckled it thinks someone is in the car, regardless of no weight on the seat. I had hoped to find a way to defeat the obnoxious seatbelt chime by using an extender so it wouldn't...
  9. BourboNole

    Low speed tock update

    Had mine lubed/greased last week and noise hasn't come back yet. Much colder here over the weekend as well, but that's still mid 60's, so probably not the same effect as OP has experienced.
  10. BourboNole

    VIN out of order?

    Just as another example, I received my 59XX Vin in August when most people were taking delivery of 10,0XX vins. So far I have developed some of the common issues (tonneau, tocking & front passenger droop) but otherwise the truck has been great.
  11. BourboNole

    Tonneau Redesign Ready???

    I'm actually dropping it off tomorrow at the SC. I'll update you once I get it back.
  12. BourboNole

    Your List of Wanted Features / Functions

    For me its usually just my ugly self walking past with the dog.
  13. BourboNole

    Your List of Wanted Features / Functions

    It's very annoying that the gear guard icon continues to show up even after the merciful update that stops it from being the startup page. Short of my truck being obviously damaged, I don't have the time or desire to watch a bunch of videos of random people walking by every time I get in.
  14. BourboNole

    Car and Driver Review: 2022 Rivian R1S Has Appeal, but the R1T Pickup Drives Far Better

    It seems logical that the porpoising would be worse on a shorter wheelbase, but my R1T is already so bad in sport mode I can't imagine how the R1S could feel noticeably worse.
  15. BourboNole

    Tonneau Redesign Ready???

    My tonneau just broke at 1500 miles (vin 65xx but delivered early August) and service told me they could remove the jammed slat but no fix for now. On a separate note, the other items I put in at the same time (sagging front passenger suspension and tocking, both of which started about a week...
  16. BourboNole

    I want the owl back!

    The hoot is way better than the annoying tweet. Its pretty sad they took this away after such a short time.
  17. BourboNole

    Why no glove compartment

    While there is a decent volume of cabin storage in the R1, in my opinion it is very poorly executed. Most of the stuff you would need in cabin is small, so you want wide and shallow storage with good visibility. In the R1, the storage is deep, hard to reach into, and nearly impossible to see...
  18. BourboNole

    Jebinc’s improved rear window visibility mod…

    I'm going to have to disagree on the digital rearview. I think it is a good option to have in the case that your bed is full enough to obstruct rearward visibility, but otherwise it is in my opinion a poor substitute for an actual rear view mirror. The first major problem is it requires your...
  19. BourboNole

    Damage in truck bed from my tool box

    Rivian really missed the mark with the thin, slippery plastic they used in the bed. I am not a materials expert, but given the attention to detail and over engineering in so many other locations, I have to believe they could have found a more robust and slip resistant material to use.
  20. BourboNole

    Who's ready to test their Rivian in Hurricane Ian?

    I didn't test to see how much I could run on the Rivian, but my generator has significantly more capacity which let me run both fridges, freezer, lights, wifi and TVs without any strain, and I already had 30 gallons of gas stored. That said the main reason I pulled out the generator when I did...