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    New Rivian Service Center Map - Including Future Locations

    The state’s attorney general doesn’t care. But they have to enforce the laws written by/passed by the states legislatures. And those guys probably got paid off by dealer lobbies.
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    New Rivian Service Center Map - Including Future Locations

    This map may help explain some delivery window inconsistencies. It won’t make someone with a far out window feel better though.
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    New Rivian Service Center Map - Including Future Locations

    Looks like Rivian also updated the Service Center maps, including future locations. Of course, those locations don't have dates.
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    New Service Center map

    Looking forward to one of these new service centers in NJ to open.
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    Rivian Adventure Network Charging Stations Map Updated - Coming Soon Locations

    The other somewhat disappointing part of this map is no addresses for these points, if someone wanted to plan a trip ahead. I know the Waypoints are for every manufacturer, but it would still be nice to see if they are at a hotel or a park or a store. I know this map is intended just to give a...
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    RAN Rivian Charging Stations Locations Map via Google Maps

    That map would be more useful if "Coming Soon" was broken down into Waypoint stations or Adventure Network Stations. Let me know if I need to find the hotel the waypoint is at or let me roll up and charge for 30-45 minutes, it is a big difference.
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    What happens to customer returns?

    Do you have any evidence or articles to support this claim?
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    Rivian App - vehicle representation / icon / graphic discrepancy

    Mine shows Limestone with the standard 20"ATs, but have the dark AT 20"s. I just figured the 20" ATs are default, maybe the will update it at sometime in the future, seeing as the in truck pictures match what I have.
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    First R1S in Cars and Bids Auction Site!!!

    Used R1Ts have been dropping in price. But what is your target price?
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    Guard those windshields!

    While that may be true finding a mechanic that will still give a new inspection sticker on a broken windshield may be a problem.
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    Guard those windshields!

    Some of us have annual state safety inspections we need to pass.
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    Poll: How often do you use the Camp Speaker?

    I agree, the automatic vents work well, it just seems like something that was over engineered to me, a solution to something that wasn't really a problem. I set them when I first got the truck, and haven't touched them since. I've only had it a month, so I can't really comment on the AC. To me...
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    Poll: How often do you use the Camp Speaker?

    I'd rather have the bluetooth speaker than the current controls for ventilation. How many people have ever complained about manually positioning air vents in a car?
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    Woa Tesla Cybertruck getting 1000-Volt architecture capable of V4 supercharging

    First EV to run purely on Unicorn Farts! And FSD works without issues! Twitter is making money $$$! IT'S ON THE INTERNET IT MUST BE TRUE!!!!!
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    Husband & wife take delivery of R1T and R1S same day at Rivian plant

    I guess the lesson here is if you live far from the factory, you can still pick up at the factory if it makes for a good press piece. Maybe one or two members here will have to also order a R1S to go along with a R1T so they can get the R1T factory pick up option.
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    Next Firmware release question…

    The batched releases are probably based releasing to a certain percentage of customers, not sheer volume. I am still waiting.
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    Where's my Tank Turn?

    Pirelli is hoping tank turn is released more than anyone else.
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    PA Inspection Question

    Just adding to this thread, even though it is probably too late for the OP, to minimize repeating threads in the future. I got my R1T inspection at D'Avico's in Wayne, Pa (SEPA). They said they had done Rivians in the past, and do Teslas. My appointment was about 2-3 days after I called, cost...
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    Poll: How often do you use the Camp Speaker?

    I've only had my R1T for about a month, and have only used it to try it, for about a minute. It's fine, it doesn't bother me, but if it was a $200 option, I probably would have skipped it. I have other portable speakers at home, but I guess it makes it convenient that I will never forget one if...
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    Rear heated seats stuck on

    I didn't realize my R1T has heated rear seats. No idea if they work properly or not. Is it possible the heated seats were turned on via the rear screen so they need to be turned off from there?