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  1. texasBuzzard

    Installed on R1T: Tinted ROOF glass and CLEAR FRONT windshield HEAT and UV blocker film and window tint!!

    I live in central Texas and it is very hot and lots of sun. The roof was cooking my head and shoulders. I consulted my local tint shop and they have lots of experience tinting the roofs and placing a infrared heat barrier and UV blocking film on the FRONT windshield. I went ahead and did the...
  2. texasBuzzard

    Center console storage solution for wasted space in front of camp speaker

    I found an easy and eye pleasing solution to the empty area in front of the camp speaker up front. Only $16! Diono Travel Pal Back Seat Car Organizer I put my insurance and registration in the small zipper compartment at the rear of the organizer. I am not affiliated with seller. Just...
  3. texasBuzzard

    What's this thing? Anyone order an aftermarket spare tire yet?

    Not sure what to do with this thing? It has an 11/16 inch bolt I took out and is just a flimsy piece of plastic. It does not fit in the frunk. I am going to order an aftermarket spare tire. I was wondering if anyone has bought one and successfully secured it to the existing bolt hole from...
  4. texasBuzzard

    Cargo Crossbars arrived and installed on a Midnight R1T -- Photos

    Cargo Crossbars came today. 8 days after picking up truck. Communication from Rivian was decent and received a tracking number as it was shipped. Looks great! Can't wait to get my bicycle rack set up! Be sure to read instructions and the KEYS ARE IN A VERY SMALL TAN ENVELOPE LAYING ON THE...
  5. texasBuzzard

    Houston pick up experience, GPS not recognizing my physical house, A/C condensate in garage, charging schedule issue

    Received my midnight R1T on August 24th at the Rivian service center in North Houston. When we pulled it, there were around 40-50 R1T's in the lot! Pick-up went smoothly, with no issues. 90-mile drive home on a full charge and was left with 212 miles of range left. There is a slight learning...
  6. texasBuzzard

    Bryan College Station Rivians

    Hello, I live in Bryan Texas. I have seen a couple of Rivian R1Ts On the road in my area. I was wondering if those owners are on this forum. I thought it would be interesting to start a forum with our local area. I have been following some issues with the roof glass In sunny climates. I found a...