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  1. gt28

    Anyone tried using Tesla chargers on I95?

    Has anyone tried to use the Tesla chargers on I95? i have the adapter for my Tesla charger in the garage to use, just wondering if they connect and at what speed?
  2. gt28

    Infotainment upgrade?

    R1T launch edition w’ 22s. 11K miles. 7 months. Has anyone heard or seen anything about an infotainment upgrade at all? The radio, doesn’t work on mine even with the redesign. Not having anything to read texts while you are driving seems primitive. I dont understand why we cant have an...
  3. gt28

    9000 Miles In

    I’m very lucky. Got my R1T in early April. LE. El Cap Granite. 22 black sport wheels. It’s the best car I’ve owned and ever driven. Not an exaggeration. Handling. Speed. Comfort. Electric convenience and reality of charge are incredible. You have what the car says you have - not a guess like...
  4. gt28

    Portable Generators

    Has anyone tried to use a portable generator like a generac 3500IQ or something to charge the truck? Don’t want the debate around gas/etc - just wanted to know if anyone has tried it. Thanks