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  1. Dual vs Quad motor pros and cons?

    So can anyone shed some light on the pros and cons of the dual vs quad motors. I know the quad has more torque. Not a huge deal for me 600+ pounds on dual is good with me. 0-60 in 3 vs 4 seconds I could care less. I assume the dual would be more efficient. But what would it mean off road? I am...
  2. How to link accounts in Rivian App?

    Does anyone know how to link accounts in the Rivian app? When I log in it has Chargepoint already listed but how do I get say Plug Share or Frances Energy linked?
  3. Rivian Membership price after trial period?

    Does anyone have any information yet on what the Rivian membership is going to cost after the trial period?
  4. Illinois Quad City Area

    Anyone in the Illinois / Iowa Quad City area taken delivery or waiting? I have a preorder and just south of Moline, Il.
  5. Turning off R1T charging status lights ?

    Does anyone know if the charging lights on the R1T can be turned off? They are not very appealing if plugged in at a campground or other place that people would want to be in a dark place. My personal preference for a campground is the darker the better and those flashing lights would suck...
  6. map/gps capability

    Could anyone tell me if there will be a monthly charge for having the map/gps capability on the screen in the R1T or is it just part of the system that comes with the truck.