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  1. Pulled the trigger on R1T Shop. Goodbye, Max Pack.

    Dang. Ya'll are lucky ducks. I had steps one thru 7 done in a single day and was told by my guide it would be 6 weeks before delivery. That was on 16Nov :/
  2. Pulled the trigger on R1T Shop. Goodbye, Max Pack.

    Do you mind sharing a bit more about that timeline? So you got a VIN 14-17Nov(?) and received it (in MN?) by 4Dec?
  3. R1T LE 10k miles and 6 months later and I am still smitten

    Oh Great. I have to update the list of people getting an R1T before me? -Non-Max Pack LE preorders -Youtubers -'22 Res holders -People with suspiciously vague stories about Rivian reaching out to sell them a non-preordered vehicle -heckin babies
  4. Full spare “group” purchase

    I switched from max pack to a R1 Shop purchase 3 weeks ago, and that's the boat I'm in that prompted this thread. Exact configuration I wanted (minus battery, spare, and working tonneau)
  5. Full spare “group” purchase

    Oh no kidding? Do you mind sharing what they communicated to you? Have some in thread that were adamant this thread was a poor idea Just want to make sure everyone gets the opportunity to know what the current options are
  6. Recommendation for loading ramp ?

    Not on the R1T as I am still waiting at Step 8 It's not a fixed attachment so it has some play/tuning the "top" corner when in the folded position has to hooks on cam lock nylon straps you hook that to the tailgate latch anchors and the "bottom" has a bar/ peg piece that get locked into the...
  7. 8 Step to Delivery Timing?

    I too am on Step 8 from a R1 Shop Selection I made last week. My guide told me that I should expect step 8 to be unlocked within the next 6 weeks I have a hunch that Rivian will do what they can to deliver before the end of the year to meet/ exceed the 25000 goal for this year
  8. Full spare “group” purchase

    Didn't know that was an option until after I started this thread and thinking it may be a way to save money as @Dark-Fx mentioned. Also, potential to meet a fellow Rivian owner and share a beer or something is always an experience I'm up for
  9. Full spare “group” purchase

    I can run them over Ortega Hwy to you or you could come pick em up in Laguna (and stalk RJ) (if I can find two others)
  10. Full spare “group” purchase

    @sean_k it appears I had a very similar thought about a week after you still interested?
  11. Full spare “group” purchase

    I would be looking for the 20" AT as well I never had any luck with scissor jacks off road, and hoping the budding market for proper sliders (not running boards) will give a decent hilt jack point that I'm used to
  12. Full spare “group” purchase

    I recently pulled the trigger on a R1 Shop config that was extremely close to my desired config (just missing a spare) With the official tires and rims only being sold in a four pack I was thinking if the stars align I’d reach out and see if there were 3 other people who would want to go in on a...
  13. DIY temporary tonneau / bed cover?

    Maybe a stupid question Has anyone tried to fit an existing tonneau? The Ford Maverick looks like it may be good enough for government work as far as bed dimensions go
  14. Recommendation for loading ramp ?

    Depending on size/width the ready ramp has never failed me. I liked that the ramp doubles as a bed extender
  15. Roofnest Condor Overland Roof Top Tent (RTT) + R1T

    @kylealden Any longer terms update on how you like this set up? Any issues with Condor in general? Getting close to sale season and this rtt has definitely been on my radar
  16. Smart Watch as a Key?

    I was looking forward to testing with my flipper when it gets delivered :(
  17. 3D printed ball mount remodeling help needed

    I don't have much input on the software support side but if the fixed arm is an issue it may be useful changing the ball mount to a threaded socket and mating it to an arm like this: