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  1. What’s your speculation on 2023 Rivian model

    Yah I bet they start charging for the wood trim.
  2. Gave up on R1S and ordered a 4Runner TRD Off-Road Premium today.

    It has me nervous getting one and living less than 2 hours from a SC. And even more nervous taking a trip and being much more distance from a SC.
  3. Tonneau Redesign Ready???

    Hummm I'm guessing the same problem.
  4. 10 day young R1T encounter vs Deer @ 40 MPH - damage report & photos

    Partly it depends on the time of year. If the rut is on they only care about one thing. (a little booty)
  5. R1S big butt - is it an issue for owners

    Way better than having it sloped. Allows for better use of space.
  6. Does your flashlight work?

    More issues. Will they ever stop???????
  7. Rodent chewed through wire harness, causing $7K repair (and $1650 towing)

    We had a Honda Fit get chewed twice and a Ford Ranger chewed once. We were also told probably because of the soy based wire cover. It was pricey but not that bad. I sure hope Rivian is not soy based.
  8. DIY temporary tonneau / bed cover?

    Upper 5 digit priced truck and people having to figure out how to make their own tonneau's. Please some after market company get this figured out. I don't even want to spend $1,800 for the manual cover because of how inferior it is.
  9. 10 day young R1T encounter vs Deer @ 40 MPH - damage report & photos

    Love animals but I'm not going to risk my or others safety or vehicle for a squirrel.
  10. System Fault Detected Vehicle Battery Issue

    Wow am I ever starting to rethink getting one of these trucks.
  11. DIY temporary tonneau / bed cover?

    Funny enough, I've posted on here how my cover was more quiet than I expected. I've used it a ton and decided recently to even take video of me operating it w/o fear....which is when it started clunking. Teaches me... It still works but it's certainly louder now than before. Oh man it...
  12. DIY temporary tonneau / bed cover?

    They could have at least tested it out before putting it into production. Now it is probably costing the company millions of dollars not to mention customer anger and distrust.
  13. Guys, what do you think about this ?

    Send them back because the box is to big.
  14. Locking Hitchpin that fits Rivian?

    What is the minimum required length of the hitch pin?