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  1. PlugShare?

    I use ABRP to figure out the number of charging stops, but as others have noted, its not up to date, so you see may not see all EA stations. i recently drove from Broward County to Atlanta and used EA primarily, all the way to ATL, with the exception of one FPL charging station in central...
  2. Why Rivian is far better than Tesla... and I hate Tesla

    Let me say this. I love Tesla the car. I am on my second Tesla, a 22 MY. But I am also a black man, with two LBGTQ kids. Me and my family, and the millions of people like me are more than 10% who are trolled mercilessly by Elon on twitter and more than the 10% who are rationally angry for...
  3. ProClip Phone Mount Released For Rivian -- Angled & Center Dash Options

    Yes, its strong. I have an iphone 14 Pro max and the magnet is strong enough for my phone. The problem is as mentioned above having to tape it to the dash.
  4. Guys, what do you think about this ?

    I have brought home 6 Ft long 2x4 studs in my R1T. Just popped one end up on the tailgate (on a towel) and tied them down. Likewise with other stuff that’s longer than bed length.
  5. Service Center Visit Expectations For Sitting and/or Driving an R1T?

    And why are the SC’s not directly accessible by phone? Smh. I get they don’t want the added expense of a receptionis at each SC, but its 2021, they can route the calls to multiple people at the SC and designate a couple of people to answer at any give time….geez. Thats not so hard to do. I hope...
  6. Service Center Visit Expectations For Sitting and/or Driving an R1T?

    Good luck! I have been there twice for service. There is no door bell and they keep the door locked You have to go the left side of the building and bang on the glass window to get someone’s attention. It’s a beautiful shop though. The floors and lifts are spotless and there is a nice lounge...
  7. Looking for home solar advice

    As others have noted, get multiple quotes., and if possible go local. Local companies are familiar with the local permitting process, so your install will go a lot smoother. I went with Tesla about 18 months ago, because they were the cheapest of several quotes I got. Tesla was a nighmare. ’i...
  8. Tire Rotation and Balance

    Good luck! I just dropped mine off this morning to the Miami Service center for a second attempt at a balancing and tire rotation… I just got a new tire for my Tesla at Discount Tire yesterday, I think they would be a good candidate for a Rivian partnership.
  9. Release Notes for Software Update Version 2022.31.5

    Window venting feature does not work for me. Called Rivian and they had me open/close my windows to calibrate, but no luck. Waiting to hear back from them on this.
  10. Non-Rivian rooftop tents

    Thanks for posting. How bright is it inside the tent? Does it let in a lot of light during the day?
  11. Poor service experience. Am I being unreasonable?

    You are not being unreasonable at all. I have a similar experience. Took Delivery of my trunk in early June. The delivery folks were kind enough to inform me of a couple of issues, in addition to 2 other issues I found. I immediately submitted trouble tickets and about a month later got a...
  12. Wall Charger Tripping Breaker

    Thanks @SANZC02. Appreciate the feedback. You guys are enlightening me!!
  13. Wall Charger Tripping Breaker

    Its does not have GFCI breaker.
  14. Wall Charger Tripping Breaker

    Thanks. Replace with another 50 Amp breaker or 60Amp?
  15. Wall Charger Tripping Breaker

    My Rivian Wall Charger worked fine for two months and a few weeks ago started tripping the 50 Amp breaker. It would charge for about 7-10kWh then trip the breaker As per Rivian’s advice, I moved down from 48Amps to 40 Amps using the dip switches in the charger, but still experience the same...
  16. We are way too obsessed with range

    As others have noted, I am only obsessed with range on long trips if I have to depend on EA charging. With the Tesla SC network and destination charging,. range anxiety is minimal. And yes, I agree, drive as fast as you can, and enjoy your vehicle without babying it. Life is short, and you...
  17. Tesla Supercharger Membership Pricing Announced For Non-Tesla EV Owners ($0.99/month)

    Glad to see the availability of Tesla SCs getting closer. Aftear my first hand experience with EA on short and long trips, I term them -SHG. Stinking Hot Garbage. We need the same availability and a better experience than smelly fossil fuel gas stations. I want EA to succeed as a credible...