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  1. MidnightRivian

    What happens to customer returns?

    This one is easy. Bring in some sort of bean counter and they would suggest this: Mobile service vehicles Employee fleet vehicles Loaner vehicles Test Mules Pre Price Hike Customers with annoying questions Pre Price hike customers with freemium upgrades likes launch edition, glacier...
  2. MidnightRivian

    A leap of faith that ends up with regret (Critical Battery).... by shipping R1T to Kuwait
  3. MidnightRivian

    My Kuwaiti Rivian has been revived!!

    Can i haz pictures of your Rivian???
  4. MidnightRivian

    What’s your speculation on 2023 Rivian model

    They will remove more freebies like frunk outlets, tie downs and downgrade materials to lower quality. Someone needs to give the Rivian shareholders a lifeline.
  5. MidnightRivian

    R1S LA Silver new delivery estimates

    I would guess if you have a 2024 LA Silver date, the build will occur during the earlier part of the year. This is to try to get all those delayed / angry customer out the door as soon as possible in 2024 after stringing them along forever. My assumption is Rivian has filled up each batch...
  6. MidnightRivian

    Jul-Sep 2023 R1S Delivery Windows - Status Tracking

    July - Sep 2023: GW, OC, 21", Underbody Shield ordered 6/21
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    What is the MSRP?

    More than you can afford pal, Rivian.
  8. MidnightRivian

    Stock Rivian R1T Wheels Comparison (20" AT, 21" Road, 22" Sport) Range and Efficiency Test --by OutOfSpec

    20" wheels: 100% what this off road truck was made for. Forged wheels with all terrain tires are a match made in heaven. Most folks who buy 20" aftermarket wheels as a second set will not be able to afford forged or won't upgrade to a forged wheel. 21" wheels: 100% created for marketing sake to...
  9. MidnightRivian

    R1S "Late 2023"...not that unrealistic?

    Tesla does the exact same thing.
  10. MidnightRivian

    22" Sport Bright vs Sport Dark - Crazy pricing

    rest in peace Rivian shareholders.
  11. MidnightRivian

    Underbody Shield Option - worth it?

    Get the underbody shield. The truck feels much more solid compared to the cheap weak panels that are factory. I had the opportunity to get under both and really bang the underbody with my hands to see if the upgrade was worth it. I decided to spend the extra for the underbody protection from...
  12. MidnightRivian

    Oil leak - maybe rear drive? [RESOLVED]

    [UPDATE] Rivian inspected the leak and found a failed seal on the upper drain plug of the rear drive unit. They replaced the seal, drained and refilled the unit with fluid, road tested it, did general diagnostics, and returned it to me. Overall it was a very good service experience. They...
  13. MidnightRivian


    RIVN is down to $23.86 pre-market. Downside protection at $23-$25 was a smart move. Enjoy dollar cost averaging your positions. Sell covered puts to get your shares even cheaper.
  14. MidnightRivian


    Weeklies. Bearish short term. Sell calls and buy puts. You can buy leaps if you want upside exposure. 3 years options trading.
  15. MidnightRivian


    This is a fresh strategy to use if you get in at the current $30 or lower price point. Selling calls and buying puts is a bearish strategy given the macro environment and RIVN pain points. One can pick up twice the number of puts compared to calls they sell. Puts will be at -.15 delta and...
  16. MidnightRivian


    Ford owns 102 million RIVN shares and sold 8 million shares. That is 7.8% of their ownership stake not 0.08%. Lets bring this stock down closer to $15 and start dollar cost averaging over the next 2 years of bear market we are about to experience. I can see Rivian issuing more stock to expand...
  17. MidnightRivian


    David Faber @davidfaber Ford is selling 8m of its Rivian shares through Goldman as insider lockup for stock of once high-flying EV maker expires tomorrow. Ford currently owns 102m shares. Sources also tell me JP Morgan selling a 13-15m share block for unknown seller. Both blocks priced at...
  18. MidnightRivian

    New April 1st Email from Rivian Answers Many Lingering Questions

    Rivian is honoring pre March 1st pricing for all pre-orders placed today. Just make sure to use code "@PR!LF00L$" on final order submission page prior to submitting your order.
  19. MidnightRivian

    A wakeup call on trade-in value

    Try AutoNation