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  1. ProClip Phone Mount Released For Rivian -- Angled & Center Dash Options

    Welp... I was hoping for something more. Looks like I'll be sticking with the Riviparts PRO setup (with the Spigen Onetap Pro). It mounts in a way that is much more visible and usable, not to mention it doesn't require any adhesives to the dash AND it charges my phone.
  2. Forum Member Rivian Magnetic Jack Puck a Reality Story

    Ordered! I'm about due for a tire rotation so these should make it just in time 👍
  3. Poll: Does your tonneau cover work?

    Have you tried doing the tonneau reset? (pressing the button 4 times: short - short - short - long). If so, try doing the reset with the tailgate down so that it calibrates to the end of the track and not the tailgate itself. Not sure if that will fix things, but it’s worth a try.
  4. Anyone in Texas receive their plates for their R1?

    I’m in ATX and have had my truck for about 1.5 months. Just got my plates last week. 👍