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  1. windblowlc

    How can you accurately measure range when you switch wheel/tire sizes without RIVIAN recalibration?

    As the title said. I'm not worried about speedometer errors as much as range accuracy when switching wheels/tires without RIVIAN coming out to do a mobile recalibration. For the experts who have done this, how do you determine how much range is left so as to not risk running out of juice before...
  2. windblowlc

    Are you also replacing your spare tire when you change to winter tires?

    I've just mounted a set of (4) 275/60R20 XL Hankook I*Pike X on my truck to replace the OEM 20" AT tires and was undecided about what to do with my spare 20" AT. My plan is to run this set up for the four winter months and then switch out to my 22" Sport Dark. My winter set up is now the same...
  3. windblowlc

    Are you good with Kneel mode height?

    With the new option, Kneel mode is useful but I still find it too high as it is sitting at low but not low enough height. Absent a set of installed running boards, I would like Kneel mode sitting lower . If the Rivian has an option to add a set of running boards it would be perfect. What do you...
  4. windblowlc

    Anyone not getting Trade-In tax credit on Signed Purchase Agreement?

    Hello! I completed the Purchase Agreement along with the 8-Step last week for my R1T being delivered this Friday 9/23. In my excitement, I missed an issue on the Purchase Agreement that I signed, that the trade in was not factored as tax credit. I'm in West Virginia where that's allowed. I...