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  1. DTown3011

    Rivian Instagram Scam - Beware!

    First of all, if anyone falls for this you aren’t very smart but just wanted to post so people know it’s out there:
  2. DTown3011

    Rivian Charger vs. Enel X Juicebox vs. Chargepoint Home Flex

    Looking at options for a L2 charger. Our energy company (Xcel) here in Colorado offers a program where they'll install either the Juicebox or the Chargepoint for you, but those are your only 2 options. The Rivian charger is obviously an option as well. Looks like the CPHF makes the most sense...
  3. DTown3011

    Nice WOW Customer Service surprise after a chat conversation...

    Spoke with customer service via chat the other day and was my typical engaging self. I always believe in the "you catch more bees with honey than vinegar" message and always try to treat everyone with respect and humor. I told a couple of jokes on the chat and while I didn't get the answers I...
  4. DTown3011

    Rivian 10-50 NEMA Plug Adapter?

    According to Rivian: We have a NEMA 14-30 Dryer outlet that we use to fast charge our Tesla in a pinch. I assume we can just buy an adapter to convert the 10-30 to 10-50 and we'll be able to use it just the same?