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  1. Motorcycle Hauling Trip with R1T -- Good news for the bike folks!

    I was terrified of how bad the efficient would be but she did great. I should have taken this picture before getting off the highway but the average w:as over 70, setting cruise to 78-80. Temps in the high 30s to low 40s. Conserve mode with auto height. 1.75mi/kw was pretty easily sustainable. I...
  2. Powered to Manual Tonneau Bed Cover Conversion -- DIY how-to with photos

    This is for those that don't want to be stuck with their bed either open or closed. I want it closed for efficiency but the ability to open it up if I want to toss a motorcycle back there from time to time, and I don't want to have to bring it to Rivian each time I want to change it. It's is...
  3. Opinion: The truck needs to switch to front wheel drive automatically on the highway.

    Conserve mode saves a ton of juice. I mean I have seen upwards of 25%. Dual motor Model S' automatically switch to front wheel drive above 70mph or something like that. Rivian needs to program this truck to do the same for highway travel. Edited for clarity.
  4. Repairing a stuck-open tonneau DIY?

    Long story short I just want to get my tonneau closed instead of waiting for an appointment for Rivian to do it for me while they try and figure out how to repair them. Has anyone put together a guide? There is a video on youtube but its already torn apart so I can't see how much of a hassle...
  5. Delivery Timing from Chelsea?

    My truck is built in Normal, IL. Like everyone else I am waiting on the edge of my seat for delivery. How long has delivery been taking folks to get to Chelsea from Normal once built and VIN assigned to your account?
  6. Bit of a pickle… home purchase.

    Long story short I am closing on a house 10/25. I was really hoping I wouldn’t get any delivery until then but of course I got my email saying I can start the steps and my guide assigned. I actually sort of need he truck now as I need something that can tow BUT I can’t do anything that will...
  7. Efficiency / range at 80 mph?

    Lots of typical posts of people going speed limit or close to it getting great mi/kwh. But I'm curious what people get for efficiency going 80ish mph; my standard road trip cruise control setting.
  8. Massachusetts (close-ish to the Chelsea SC) Orders?

    I have been getting my hopes up as I am starting to see a lot of Rivians locally but I am wondering if folks are getting them from Rivian directly or buying from auction sites? The reason I ask is that I am now in need of a tow rig and I am hoping the R1T I ordered 11/21 might show up...
  9. Tax credit price limit?

    I would have sworn I saw somewhere that there was a limit of 80k purchase price to get the $7500 fed credit but I can't find any evidence of that now. Am I crazy? If so I will be upgrading to the adventure pack to bump my $79200 build to ~84k.