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  1. kylealden

    Getting started with some mild offroading

    +1 for Tinkham Road. My other favorite is the WABDR - Washington Backcountry Discovery Route (WABDR) Map & Information ( It runs the Cascades from OR to Canada and is a ton of fun with decent dispersed camping along the route. You can pick and choose legs individually - you don't...
  2. kylealden

    Rich Rebuilds picks up his R1T and goes to confront the dealer who tried to rip him off…

    FWIW there are very few people on this forum who will defend the state of DCFC. It's clearly not in a great place and heading towards a worse one as more EVs hit the road. I'm optimistic that we'll be in a much better place in a couple years due to both economic imperatives (huge demand) and...
  3. kylealden

    Alex on Autos' Follow-Up After Selling His R1T

    FWIW my Rivian drain is, or at least can be down to almost nothing. I think it's a combo of software improvements, Camp Mode, and potentially helped by me turning off the prox key a little while back, but I'm seeing almost no drain in Camp Mode (and much improved vampire losses while L1...
  4. kylealden

    Rodent chewed through wire harness, causing $7K repair (and $1650 towing)

    I've been grouchy about the neighbor cats that like to sleep on/around my R1T (which I keep in an outdoor carport). I guess I should start tipping them!
  5. kylealden

    Matchbox Rivian R1T is Released!

    Uh oh, must be @jjswan33's truck. It's even the right color. (sorry 😅)
  6. kylealden

    What's this thing? Anyone order an aftermarket spare tire yet?

    The routes I'd recommend for jacks - If it's just an insurance policy against flats from normal use, get the kit from Rivian. It works and is relatively cost effective, and stores with the wheel. Just be aware it's going to be a hassle - I've heard folks say it took over an hour to change a...
  7. kylealden

    Rivian R1T Cab Wall MOLLE Panel Install Guide // BuiltRight Industries

    I'm curious - what wheel chocks did you get and how did you mount them? I have my MOLLE panels sitting in the garage waiting to install and have been hauling my motorcycles a fair amount, so I'd love to get a chock solution :)
  8. kylealden

    Officially Unofficial R1T Power Tonneau Cover Redesign Gossip Thread

    To be fair, I got the same on my First Mile in November 2021. This has been an issue for a minute.
  9. kylealden

    ProClip Phone Mount Released For Rivian -- Angled & Center Dash Options

    There's a tiny gap behind the wood fascia. I just tucked the wire in there and followed it around until it meets the wheel, then ran it along the gap between the wheel and the dash. The mount includes a couple adhesive clips you can use for cable routing - I used these to cross underneath the...
  10. kylealden

    ProClip Phone Mount Released For Rivian -- Angled & Center Dash Options

    Easily! I have a Peak Design Mobile case so it's a bit stronger (since the case has magnets), but it will easily hold my 14 Pro Max naked or in a MagSafe case even with spirited offroad driving.
  11. kylealden

    R1T and Mountain Biking

    Posted on another thread but I'm really happy with the Pisgah Pad as a super lightweight option for carrying a bike or two short distances. (For a proper road trip I'm usually using the bed for other stuff so I'll carry bikes on the crossbars or hitch with my 1UP rack, depending on whether I...
  12. kylealden

    ProClip Phone Mount Released For Rivian -- Angled & Center Dash Options

    Highly recommend the Peak Design Car Mount for the R1T. Super minimal looking. I set mine up to the left of the wheel and it works great, but you could put it anywhere along the dash.
  13. kylealden

    Official: Factory OEM Off-Road Bumper and Winch Not Coming From Rivian

    Makes me wonder if they accidentally winched the front bumper off in their test trials 😅 This isn't make or break for me but I'd love to see Rivian invest in something here, or third parties pick up on the provisions that Rivian seems to have made (since they called it "winch ready" for quite a...
  14. kylealden

    MTB Tailgate Pad

    I think someone had suggested this earlier here or in another thread, but now that my PPF is on I finally got around to buying a pair and love them. The crossbar lock hack works great too. Your first try setting them up is a little awkward but once you're used to it they go on fast and (at...
  15. kylealden

    2022.43.0 Software Version Released -- Update Details / Release Notes

    I've decided I support adding CarPlay just so it never comes up on the forums again (which would be a serious quality of life improvement), but I'll riot if they replace the native apps with it. They don't cover every use case, but they are good! I don't want to wade through two completely...
  16. kylealden

    Roofnest Condor Overland Roof Top Tent (RTT) + R1T

    Overall I'm still quite happy with it. I haven't encountered any new quality issues or real surprises. The only things I'd note as I get more comfortable with it: It's really very tight when you pack it up. Some folks online claim they can pack bedding in there but I wouldn't count on it. I...
  17. kylealden

    Rivian Reports 2022 Q3 Earnings. R2 Vehicle Platform Launching in 2026

    "net of completions and cancellations" = "minus completions and cancellations"
  18. kylealden

    R1S Review ("Greatest SUV of All Time") by Performance on Wheels

    So it's really important to emphasize this: Nobody is saying it will float like a boat and that that's either a feature, or a good idea, or something that it will do indefinitely. Instead, it's a performance limiter in wading: It's an extremely bad idea to wade more than the rated depth because...
  19. kylealden

    A Rivian commercial by way of Turo! 🙌

    I'd be extremely surprised if Rivian paid for this. There's virtually no chance. Why? They don't need advertising (can't keep up with their existing customers and the review/influencer coverage they get is worth far more than a TV ad that doesn't even mention their name). If they did, they could...
  20. kylealden

    Do I Spy Running Boards???

    I'm way more excited to see high quality aftermarket racks and sliders with elegant mounting solutions than the trailers. Super promising stuff. The trailers are cool and all but don't really stand up to scrutiny. 50kwh is realistically less than a third of a charge after losses. In other...