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  1. itselectric

    Woa Tesla Cybertruck getting 1000-Volt architecture capable of V4 supercharging

    No mention of the Tesla armor glass this go around. They still refuse to say how much of the actual weight is cargo versus the base weight of the vehicle + trailer. That's a huge issue. I noticed Tesla decided to go with a tri-motor design instead of the quad motors they discussed initially...
  2. itselectric

    Low speed 'Tocking' when stopping or starting

    it won't. No one has had it permanently resolved because it is apparently a fundamental design flaw. It may temporarily improve however.
  3. itselectric

    FB Rivian targeted post - sponsored by NADA

    All I can say is, "wow"
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    Article: Rivian’s CEO created buzzy, outdoorsy EVs. Now big automakers are coming after it

    I hope so. That's what we need. Lots of choices and prices that can compete with today's ICE at all levels.
  5. itselectric

    What the production-delivery gap at Lucid and Rivian reveals

    I think the worst thing announced by Rivian is that they won't be making the R2 until 2026. Two reasons. There's going to be a ton of competition out there. Probably 30-40+ EV models and at least 3-4 direct competitors when '26 rolls around. Rivian isn't going to survive selling R1s. A...
  6. itselectric

    Alex on Autos' Follow-Up After Selling His R1T

    I personally don't think the vampire drain is the fatal flaw, at least not for me. the suspension related knocking, the unbalanced tire feel that causes excess vibrations to enter the cabin, the shaking steering wheel and pulling to the right all combine to ruin the EV driving experience for me...
  7. itselectric

    Article: Rivian’s CEO created buzzy, outdoorsy EVs. Now big automakers are coming after it

    I wonder what will be considered affordable in 2026? I assume progress on battery costs will be made, but these would still have to be $50k+ products no?
  8. itselectric

    Interior peeling

    I have owned a few other EVs myself and the only ones I have ever noticed that do this are Teslas. The hair spray and sunscreen chemicals ate through my seat and door material like this.
  9. itselectric

    Matchbox Rivian R1T is Released!

    Yes, some of a decent amount of inventory. I have found Teslas and other EV models there pretty easily before. Someone on Reddit found a Rivian there.
  10. itselectric

    Interior peeling

    Did something catch and tear or rip the material open? Or did it just disintegrate?
  11. itselectric

    Matchbox Rivian R1T is Released!

    No thank you. I enjoy the thrill of the hunt for $1.00 instead. :rock:
  12. itselectric

    Matchbox Rivian R1T is Released!

    I have been to at least 4 targets, 3 walmarts, and 2 family dollars trying to find these damn things! Jeez, do we have to have a multi-year wait for everything?!
  13. itselectric

    R1T's range is so impressive, even on 20" tires. Averaged 2.38 mi/kWh on 400 mile road trip

    I'll throw out there that, now that the weather around here has turned cold, I am getting 1.8 - 2.0 miles per kWh in all purpose mode running the defroster in the front with my 21inch wheel config. If I put it in to conserve, getting around 2.0 - 2.2 in the same type of conditions.
  14. itselectric

    Low speed tock update

    119xx It finally it 30s here in Texas. I did notice it was less actually, but it was definitely still there on each drive. I will state that I just had mine re-lubed a couple of weeks ago and it was better, but certainly not by much. But it did tock less the last couple of days.
  15. itselectric

    Does your suspension randomly raise after being parked [Kneel Mode OFF]?

    I just checked, kneel mode was not activated. :/
  16. itselectric

    Does your suspension randomly raise after being parked [Kneel Mode OFF]?

    When I drive in standard ride height, I notice that my suspension sometimes lowers and the first few minutes I'm driving it stays in a lowered state until I stop at a light for a couple of minutes and then randomly it'll raise to the correct height (some times this is a "smooth raise" and some...
  17. itselectric

    Happy with the Truck, But….

    Does your suspension still make any tocking/knocking noises at all? I agree with seejayseven the suspension and related components are the next recall and it needs to be before the end of Q1. I'm not a mechanic or engineer but I can't imagine these related parts are going to last long and I...
  18. itselectric

    New merch in Rivian gear shop

    Diecast models please. Also looking forward to the wristband!
  19. itselectric

    Pitch: Buc-ees but for EV snobs

    It is crazy that the city of Dallas, TX, has zero 150kW - 350kW capable charging stations right now. There's an EA station in Ennis, TX which is pretty out of the way from I-35 and another EVGo in Murphy, TX, also 10-15 minutes out of the way from I-35. I-35 connects San Antonio - Austin -...