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    Sacramento REI charging station - Fail

    Included some pics of the station. there are 6 fast charging sites and 4 what appeared to be 11kw sites. one of the 6 fast chargers was a trailer pass through with with the parking and width of lanes is doable for a small trailer I would not try a large trailer for that location. and of course...

    Truckee Rivian charge station

    In Tahoe this weekend and used Truckee charging station easy on off from freeway. Easy access. The trailer charging station about 45 feet total. Little coffee shop near by. Stopped by station twice early morning then in evening on our way home.

    Camping with R1T and Electric Grill at beach cliff edge

    Tried the R1T camping for the first time and was able to use all the comfort features of home while camping. We brought an Electric Grill, Keurig, ARB refrigerator, and Waffle iron. Powered them all through the R1T. Had amazing views of ocean and Catalina Island off in the distance very clear...

    Driver + wheel alignment warning

    I have always had issues getting Driver + to engage so I believe this was off from the factory. On a recent road trip I discovered a warning when I double tapped down on the right stalk to engage Driver plus even though the driver plus symbol was not on the screen. It came up with the following...

    California Rivian Charging Network Stations - charging experience and photos from visit

    We did a trip to lake Tahoe from upland only required two stop both at the new rivian charge stations. Ill do separate post on trip just wanted to show everyone the stations. First stop: Inyokern At classic burger There where 6 200kw chargers we saw a change rate of 216kw for a few minutes...

    No Drill License Plate - Snap Plate by EveryAmp

    For those of us in which the State requires a license plate in the front but you don't want to Drill holes into the front of your 75k+ truck. I just received my Snap Plate. It's super easy to install and you can remove and reinstall whenever you need to. Its Spring loaded to move the clamping...

    California Will be new to EV world what is best EV Charging App

    As I'm about to be new the the EV world Looking for some feed back on EV charging apps and the best one to use for trip planning. 500 + miles Some appear to have just location other show routes and Charger locations but not availability. I'm looking for one that will do the route planning with...