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    Overhead (drone) and underbody video of a charging R1T

    Haha, I live in a town that almost no one locks their car and lots of folks even leave the keys in the ignition. Sometimes small town living is good.
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    Cold Weather Testing | Progress Report | Rivian - Official Video

    Loving the cold weather stuff since I have to deal with 9 ish months of winter 🥶
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    Real Photos & Videos

    Finally 😁
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    Who will get theirs first?

    My birthday is late July but since I'm in Alaska I'm expecting my delivery will be later in the year.
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    What are you currently driving? (Glamour Shots)

    My 2002 Avalanche. Taken this morning at work. I'm in Alaska not Texas 😁
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    Countdown to the start of Rivian Deliveries

    When you look at like this it's not that far away and we still need more information before the launch.
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    CCS question...

    This is my plan.
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    PNW Roll Call

    Alaska, LE R1T
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    The One Dealbreakers Thread to Rule Them All

    My only deal breaker will have to do with service and maybe the lack of charging infrastructure in Alaska. The items I picked in the poll are just minor gripes.
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    Electrify America charging issues - More RAN stations because I don't want to deal with this nonsense.

    I have some of the same concerns since I live in rural Alaska. I'm not concerned with home level 2 charging but the rest has me still on the fence. I want to convert my reservation!
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    Next Rivian CFO will be J.P. Morgan exec Claire McDonough

    Moving forward, info trickling out.
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    R1T Specific Colour Poll

    Right now I'm at Launch Green. I have never owned a green vehicle. Once I can see the colors I might change.
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    Rivian Adventure Network (RAN) info / article by TechCrunch

    Says 13 stations but didn't see locations.
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    R1T bed and Tonneau cover concerns

    I have similar concerns since I'm in Alaska but I'll likely be moving south in about 8 years when I retire so I can deal with it for about 7 years 😂
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    I must be in the minority but I really don't want a 100% self driving vehicle. By the time self driving vehicles are wide spread I might use one from a service for special occasions but I like driving! 😁
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    Rivian Adventure Network (RAN) info / article by TechCrunch

    Sad part is Alaska has been sitting on settlement money from VW for a couple of years and still hasn't moved on any projects. My frustrations have to do with living 300+ miles from Anchorage with no real charging in-between. My Rivian may just be a daily commuter for a few years.
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    Rivian Adventure Network (RAN) info / article by TechCrunch

    Does anyone have an idea on break even costs? I'm asking because I was told EA has no plans for charging stations in Alaska due to our low population. So I'm guessing Rivian will not put anything up here either. I sure hope I'm wrong.
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    Rivian hires VP of sales and marketing
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    A new —wireless— charging standard

    This would be nice, especially for fleet vehicles.
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    Over the air access

    My wife's 2019 Subaru Ascent connects to our home Wifi. So I see no reason why Rivian vehicles will not.