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    Official Meridian - Rivian Announcement

    Speaker count for the R1T actually went up by one, 18 —> 19. The R1S did decrease though, 22 —> 20. Also interesting that the R1T has 200W less power than the R1S. I suppose it’s a smaller cabin to have to fill with sound
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    R1T Specific Colour Poll

    Ohhhhhhh. Gotcha, gotcha. I’ve never before owned a pickup, so I’m not really “in” on the lingo. But thanks for clearing that up
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    R1T Specific Colour Poll

    Well ok then! That’s a cool detail. Maybe a sneak peak of future plans? Very interesting regardless
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    R1T Specific Colour Poll

    Extended cab? I always thought that it looked like a smaller cab (shorter rear door, shorter wheelbase, etc). Did I horribly misunderstand that whole thing?
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    R1T Specific Colour Poll

    I’m a fan of the red, and I’ve been sorta waffling back and forth between it and blue. But like someone else here mentioned, I’ve already had a red car, so I want to try something new!
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    Camp Kitchen Removed from Support Pages

    Maybe they’re updating the language to include info about the optional Snow Peak cutlery and whatnot?
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    Official Meridian - Rivian Announcement

    See, I have to assume that Rivian authorised Meridian to make this announcement. So I’m really getting the sense that Rivian must be gearing up for an info-dump relatively soon
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    Cold Weather Testing | Progress Report | Rivian - Official Video

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for anything Rivian releases these days. And the blog post accompanying the video was vastly more informative than the video itself. I suppose I’m just a bit sick of being told “we’ll release those details closer to production” over and over again haha
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    Cold Weather Testing | Progress Report | Rivian - Official Video

    I do appreciate that Rivian has been putting out almost daily videos, but I wish they contained more.....ya know, information. Of any kind. Watching the R1T slide around on ice is neat and all, but I think we’d all appreciate some actual details about the truck
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    R1T bed and Tonneau cover concerns

    Edit: Both the powered and unpowered are weatherproof and lockable. Screenshot from the Rivian website below
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    Rivian Official Video: The Long Weekend Wyoming

    As far as I’m aware, the frunk is fully powered for opening and closing
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    Overhead (drone) and underbody video of a charging R1T

    I feel like over the course of February we’ve seen a noticeable uptick in the number of videos/clips that Rivian/RJ have been releasing. Now maybe I’m just being overly optimistic/naïve, but maybe they’re ramping up for some March info-dump?
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    Anyone interested in selling their R1S or R1T Launch Edition reservation?

    Launch Editions were sold out like within a few days of the configurator going up, I believe
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    PNW Roll Call

    You can wrap anything! Either by yourself or have a professional do it. Also, hi from Bellevue! I’m on Mercer Island quite frequently, so maybe my R1T and your R1S will meet someday aha
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    What are you currently driving? (Glamour Shots)

    Well the XC60 is still under warranty, and as for the other two..... let’s just say I’m thankful my boyfriend is a mechanic 😂 Tbh though, the VehiCROSS has been about as problem-free as a 20 year old truck can be haha
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    What are you currently driving? (Glamour Shots)

    I’ve got my snow car My fun car And my daily driver
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    Rivian confirms POWERED tailgate has now been KILLED

    Just thought I’d double check, and yup, no more power tailgate. But at least the frunk is still confirmed to be powered. Honestly, I sorta thought the powered tailgate had been canned when they got rid of the 180 folding feature. Is there a major benefit I’m not seeing to having a power...
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    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    A while back someone figured out that the order numbers we saw were pulled from Shopify or something like that, and they seemed to start at 1000
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    Rivian pic on Wallbox website

    Ya’ll know I was kidding about the rose gold thing, right? Wasn’t actually trying to start a fact-finding expedition or anything here