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  1. Sgt Beavis

    Gear Guard Plushy now available in Rivian Gear Shop Store

    Store link: My wife’s reaction.
  2. Sgt Beavis

    Potential scammers.. be aware

    Maybe this person isn’t a scammer but they joined yesterday, has no posts, and points to someone else with no posts. Seems legit.. Anyways, be carefu
  3. Sgt Beavis

    Unloading cargo with Camp Mode inspires Rear Tilt Mode idea

    So I bought a new grill today, but when I got it home the tailgate was way too high for my fairly short ramps. Realizing I was on a slope, I put the truck into Camp Mode. This raised the front of the truck and the lever action lowered the rear to the point that my ramps were a viable option. So...
  4. Sgt Beavis

    Silverado EV Pricing revealed.

    Cliffs Notes: Chevy Silverado EV 3WT starts at $72,905 Chevy Silverado EV 4WT starts at $77,905 Destination charge of $1895 The article indicates there will be cheaper versions of the work truck but I can't imagine they'll be under $60K...
  5. Sgt Beavis

    Driver Profiles trying to murder me.

    After a couple months of ownership, I finally added my wife to the R1T and created a driver profile for her. Now, anytime her phone gets near the truck it just switches to her driver profile. She’s 5’4” and I’m 6’2” so the damn seat is basically trying to kill me at this point. I get it, my...
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    Jim Chen, The Man From Rivian Who Wants to Change How We Buy Cars [Wall St Journal Article]

    Read the rest here (subscription may be required):
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    Looking for home solar advice

    Good Morning everyone, I've started shopping solar panels for my home. I looked into SunRun but they told me I could only get 10 panels on my home. I think they half-assed their assessment because they just used a satellite photo of my roof to determine how many they could fit. There are other...
  8. Sgt Beavis

    Fire Extinguisher

    Since I’m going to be taking my R1T camping, I make it a point to have a fire extinguisher. For my Jeep, I’ve had two of these Elements extinguishers. I can see that it’s rated for electrical, but will that suffice for the R1T. Obviously, I’m not looking to extinguish a battery fire. This is...
  9. Sgt Beavis

    Question for iKamper owners.

    I have an iKamper xCover and both the 1st and 2nd gen mounting brackets. Which one do y’all feel is best for mounting the tent to the cargo crossbars? I’m a little concerned the gen 2 brackets might not have the best fit. I’m going to try them out this afternoon but wanted to see if anyone has...
  10. Sgt Beavis

    Am I doing something wrong?

    So I’m sitting here at an Electrify America charger. It started of charging at 150kW but quickly dropped to 37-39kW. This is the 2nd time I’ve done this. A different charger at the same location gave me a similar charge rate. Is there anything i can do to help the situation?
  11. Sgt Beavis

    Colorado WTB - 20” AT spare wheel and tire

    Somehow I screwed up and my final order is missing the spare tire. I currently have 20” ATs. Please give me a holler if you don’t want yours.
  12. Sgt Beavis

    Ars Technica: Electric cars are doomed if fast charger reliability doesn’t get better

    Ars has a piece on the state of EV fast charging, or the lack there of due to broken chargers...
  13. Sgt Beavis

    Out of Spec Reviews: Lightning and R1T tow the Rocky Mountains..

    Nothing really surprising. The two biggest take aways are that Electrify America continues to suck monkey nuts and Rivian's charging is very much improved after the software update.
  14. Sgt Beavis

    Configurator down?

    Anyone else having this issue? I click the Update Configuration button to potentially change my config and I find this page. Price shows but nothing else. It’s the same for Firefox and Safari on iPadOS 16 beta 2. Obviously that could be the beta having problems so I thought I’d check in here.
  15. Sgt Beavis

    Manchin says expanded EV tax credit is dead Basically, Manchin got the extra $4500 tax rebate removed from the new version of the Build Back Better bill. The existing $7500 credit is still in place and there are negotiations...
  16. Sgt Beavis

    New proposed Federal rules on building EV charging stations (to obtain federal subsidies) These are rules for obtaining federal subsidies to build new charging stations. Here are some of the big takeaways. 1. Chargers must be at 1 mile, or less, from a hwy 2...
  17. Sgt Beavis

    Only 25000 Rivians to be built this year.

    From today's letter to investors: Over the course of fiscal year 2022, we plan to remain focused on ramping up production of both the R1 and RCV lines in...
  18. Sgt Beavis

    Random Thoughts: A quick and easy way for Rivian to save on existing orders.

    Now that last week’s pricing disaster is over, I found myself thinking about various things and realized that there was a fairly easy way that Rivian could save some cash on many of the existing orders. All they would need to do is let pre-March 1st order holders opt out of getting the tonneau...