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    PlugShare is great for finding chargers and recent status. A Better Route Planner (ABRP) is the best utility for route planning, but its database of chargers isn't as current.
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    Rich Rebuilds picks up his R1T and goes to confront the dealer who tried to rip him off…

    Bloviating is such an underused word these days. :P
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    Best way to find out if a hotel or motel has any charging options?

    Most likely it'll be listed in PlugShare. I usually have my filter set to CCS and J1772 plugs only, and toggle the J1772 on/off depending on whether or not I care about Level 2 chargers. Note, if you get a Tesla Tap or the Lectron Tesla to J1772 adapter you can also use the Tesla Destination...
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    Rivian EDV Test Drive Video: "Driving Amazon’s Electric Delivery Vehicle"

    Had that pop up in my feed the other day. Fun watch and you can certainly see the same issues folks have had with the keyfob not working on the R1s.
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    XPEL Rivian Factory PPF Q&A -- by XPEL

    That's unfortunate. I've seen firsthand a delivered vehicle with spots that were sanded and never re-polished. So in the light you could clearly see dull finish in the touched-up spot vs unblemished clear coat.
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    Swapping in winter tires / wheels, is it worth it?

    I really hope they do add something to the interface to allow easily changing tire size. I'd love to have a set of 34" ATs (stock size on the OE 20s) and a set of the OE 21s (33" all-seasons") for range and/or dedicated winter/summer setup that I can swap out in my garage.
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    Snow Mode Needed! - My first snow drives in R1S and R1T

    So here's the thing. In an ICE the engine is always turning, so there will always be some resistance to locking a wheel while coasting. That engine braking is similar to regen and is highly desirable. The big difference is that in a true 4x4 with all wheels connected to the same power source...
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    Alex on Autos' Follow-Up After Selling His R1T

    I'm also in the camp that feels like the vampire draw is excessive. All the legacy manufacturers have no issue with this in their EVs. Telsa and Rivian just seem to think they know better on architecting their far, they're wrong. It's worth a mention that Alex lives off-grid, so...
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    Info on why max pack preorder holders "whine"

    I got the email, but I already had a First Mile back in April. When I clicked on the link it didn't show any scheduling options, so it appears something on their backend isn't connected properly. Then I kept getting emails reminding me to signup. I would assume they made this push to keep...
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    Max Pack delayed to 2024 according to configurator / email 😔

    For those switching to large pack, it sounds like if you also select manual or no tonneau you may be more likely to get it quicker. But I have no direct evidence for that other than some folks in here and Rivian Stories posting that they made the change and almost immediately got assigned a guide.
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    Alexa falling out of favor at Amazon and on pace for $10B Loss

    Add a Raspberry Pi with Homebridge and Siri can take over those duties for devices that don't natively support HomeKit. That's the route I went since I wanted cheap home automation, but didn't have any desire to go with Google or Alexa. iPhone/iPad could respond to requests or add a couple of...
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    Official: Factory OEM Off-Road Bumper and Winch Not Coming From Rivian

    "Within weeks" is already just about a month. Can't say any of us are surprised though.
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    Rivian Email: Update on the Tonneau Cover for Your R1T

    Rivian has said that if you don't select the manual cover then at some point you won't receive a truck with rails. Kinda stupid, but that's what they've said recently.
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    Rivian Email: Update on the Tonneau Cover for Your R1T

    I'm kinda put off by this. I'm a Max Pack preorder, so 2024 delivery window. Why would they remove the powered tonneau if they still expect it to come back at some point with my delivery being so far out. Maybe this is a good way to assume that pre-March 1 preorders will not be able to add...
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    Colorado Checking In

    Jeez...that's 2.5x any of my other vehicles.
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    Rivian Lied to me!!! Are there others??

    It can take six months to a year or more for stuff to hit CarFax sometimes.
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    Direct Current Engineering (DCE) Introduction: builders of the OPTIMA Rivian and OPTIMA Power Station vehicles

    Interesting. Will be looking for details...honestly didn't think a 35" tire would be possible.
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    Radar Detector hard wire, who has done it?

    Scam, for sure. Vortex Radar was just posting recently about too-goo-to-be-true pricing on these.
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    DIY/How-To: Copy/Clone TPMS

    Anyone know if the Autel MX-Sensor works as well on the R1? They are generic/programmable 315/433 MHz sensors. I just got a set and cloned them for my 4Runner a couple months ago and they worked well. If they do, I have the TS401 tool and would be willing to help folks clone sensors (in...
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    Update - DCE Rock Sliders stress test -- weight bearing and being jacked up (videos added)

    As I asked before...can the doors still open when it's jacked up? What about jacking with both wheels off the ground on that side? When you're hung up on a rock these are issues we care about. We're all glad these exist...we just want to make sure they're up to the challenge of running trails.