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  1. Riviot

    Matchbox Rivian R1T is Released!

  2. Riviot

    Registration renewal cost

    I just got my registration renewal letter in the mail, $145 per year. Is this what others are seeing for the Heavy Truck renewal? As a heavy truck, I was told expiration date is automatically December, instead of my birth month. And I wouldn't be able to do two year renewal.
  3. Riviot

    Emergency release from inside bed or kidnap-mobile

    Hear me out... If someone was in the frunk or gear tunnel, they could hit the release button and free themselves, right? But what about the truck bed? If the tonneau is closed, is there a way to release the tailgate or open the tonneau from the inside? I don't see anything. Is the tonneau weak...
  4. Riviot

    The rain is finally here, PNW! And so are the sensor issues...

    Two days in to the rainy commute season and I've already become a spoiled brat after the extended summer. Hoping I'm not the only whiny adult toddler here, and venting my first world problems. Yesterday it was a parking sensor during low speed bumper to bumper on the highway. I was not within...
  5. Riviot

    Are your headlights uneven? o___0

    I've noticed this since day one, but today it really bothered me. Do other people notice their headlights throwing an uneven beam, favoring the passenger side? If it's intentional, I assume the purpose is lower the light hitting oncoming traffic. If it's not, it looks like a lazy eye to me...
  6. Riviot

    How long have you waited for service?

    8 weeks after submitting a ticket, I just scheduled service and the earliest available appointment was 8 weeks out. Is 16 weeks between identifying a problem and having it resolved normal? The new normal? What are other folks receiving for scheduling windows?
  7. Riviot

    Camp Speaker - Spotify

    Has anyone else used the Camp Speaker with Spotify, and had an issue with it pausing randomly? While washing the truck, I regularly pull the speaker to jam out. Even now I'm using the speaker while chilling solo, and it keeps freaking pausing. I've tried force stopping the Rivian app and...
  8. Riviot

    Cabin lights are touch sensitive

    Did I miss a memo about this? Has this always been a thing? I bumped into one and it turned on, so I started touching them all. I thought they were only activated through the Lights menu. Either way, very cool thing I learned about my truck today!
  9. Riviot

    How many miles have you put on your Rivian?

    I just hit 10k miles after 5 months; two major road trips, lots of commuting, and weekend trips to the cabin. I feel like I know my truck really well now. I have no noticeable range or performance impact. No regrets! Has anyone else logged a ton of miles?
  10. Riviot

    Washington SOLD: F-150 Lightning Lariat Extended Range Black/Black Seattle, WA

    I plan on posting a brand new F-150 Lightning Lariat Extended Range black on black 511A package for sale in the greater Seattle, WA, area soon, but figure someone in this beloved community may want it. It'll have less than 250 miles at time of sale. I think $120k is an outrage and my "reserve"...
  11. Riviot

    Is the center cap the same size on all factory wheels?

    Is the center cap the same size on all wheels? If so, anyone have a suggested replacement to toss a vinyl sticker on? And has anyone gone about getting a replacement center cap on the 20" wheel? We did some dirt road driving at the CSKT Bison Range in Montana today and I noticed a missing center...
  12. Riviot

    First F-150 Lightning Flip? $112k for a white Lariat Extended Range. I certainly haven't seen a Lightning sold by a private party anywhere else yet. I'm very...
  13. Riviot

    Annoying default changes

    I'm getting really tired of double-checking and resetting default settings for everything from ride height to climate fan position and now apparently charging amperage. Why can it remember my Spotify station and the last song playing, but I have to reposition my AC fans every time I jump in...
  14. Riviot

    Charging Etiquette

    We pulled up to an Electrify America stop in Idaho to find one of the two 350kW chargers down, and the other occupied by a Chevy Bolt... No driver present, no Plugshare check-in, no note. Just pulling 30kW while we stayed an extra 10 minutes using the 150kW. I may have left a snarky note. Who's...
  15. Riviot

    R1T Junk Drawer

    We are 5 days in to our WA/OR/ID/MT road trip and have identified the R1T "junk drawer." I was really good about keeping things orderly, what with the immense amount of storage space, but one space has become the catch-all. Has anyone else experienced this?
  16. Riviot

    Camber, Caster, Toe, and underbody shield

    I went to the service center to get my alignment fixed and learned what the underbody shield does and doesn't protect... tldr; yes to scrapes and punctures, no to bottoming out. 7000lbs in one spot will screw up your sub frame. We went over a stump and made front contact with a tree a couple...
  17. Riviot

    Non-Rivian Servicing

    We have a road trip starting Friday, and I don't think the Bellevue Service Center will get us in to fix my steering alignment by then. It's pretty bad, to the point where activating Driver+ causes the car to swerve right and quickly back left to lane center. This has got to be fixed before we...
  18. Riviot

    Tire Pressure for Road Trip

    We're gearing up for a road trip in a couple weeks and I'm considering pumping up the tires to 52psi. I used to pump my Rover's tires to eek out the extra 1mpg, which was an 8% increase, but I wonder if I would see a similar result in the R1T on 20" ATs, a ~25 mile range gain? Has anyone tried...
  19. Riviot

    Yakima SKS cores for sale

    If anyone has ordered the crossbars and any other Yakima accessory with mismatched cores, or no cores like my case with the bike racks, I have 6 A152s available. $10 each or $50 for the set. PM me if you're interested!
  20. Riviot

    R1T over-bed bikes on Yakima HighRoad Bike Mount

    Tldr; don't sell your hitch racks quite yet. @Nermal motivated me to load all my bikes and see their fitting. @Dark-Fx and his Yakima Front Loaders look like a better fit. With High Roads, your room for error is towards the spoiler, which leads to dirty tires bumping and scratching the paint...