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  1. Thoughts from 1st mile test drive event in Dallas

    I just returned from a local R1S test drive and wanted to share my thoughts. If you don't want to read the extended version below, the synopsis is that it's a good SUV. Disclaimer-this is my first EV test drive. The following is the most unscientific assessment I can give. It is based on...
  2. Glass roof could make Rivian additional revenue as an option?

    I would like the glass roof be an option. I know it adds complexity to the manufacturing process but it's better than a class action law suit. A solid roof would also add structural rigidity and improve handling through weight savings (assuming the glass is heavier). An "adventure" vehicle needs...
  3. Roof lights?

    Love the look of the Urban roof lights on the black defender. Wonder if something similar can be had for the Rivian? Also, thinking of fender flares for a full on "urban" assault vehicle look. Urban