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  1. mini2nut

    2023 Rivian R1T/S price hike coming?

    I predict Rivian will have a price increase for 2023 R1 vehicles. I predict current reservations will be impacted and a Tony will be sending out an e-mail soon. Your thoughts? Did they learn a price increase lesson earlier in the year when they had tons of cancellations? Bottom line? Rivian...
  2. mini2nut

    Resale pricing are starting to dip

    I noticed used R1T pricing has started to trend down. I see the same thing happening to Ford Lightning pickups. I think the rising interest rates, inflation and stock market volatility have thrown some shade on the used car market.
  3. mini2nut

    Anybody else delaying their purchase for a 2023?

    Hello all. I received contact from my Guide last week stating that they matched my R1T configuration and to get ready to start the 8-step purchase process. It sounded like the truck was already built and awaiting shipment. With only 10-weeks remaining in the year I decided to delay my purchase...
  4. mini2nut

    Top rated car waxes

    This review should be helpful for new R1 owners who want to protect their robotically applied factory fresh paint. Enjoy...
  5. mini2nut

    Fresh inventory dump in the R1T Shop (LA area)

    Rivian just loaded a fresh set of trucks on the LA site. I counted 55 trucks in total with some Launch Editions in the mix. Be quick!!! Here are simple sample trucks…
  6. mini2nut

    Solid State battery game changer?

    10,000 charging cycles and charging in 3 minutes. Could this be the battery technology that will put the final nail in the ICE coffin?
  7. mini2nut

    How many 2018-2019-2020 R1T reservation holders are still waiting?

    Hello all. Who is still waiting for a Rivian truck? Your group is a patient one!
  8. mini2nut

    28 fresh deliveries @ Costa Mesa SC

    Freshly trucked up from the Mira Loma train depot! My other half and I decided to swing by the Costa Mesa SC to confirm our wheel, interior and paint choice. We wanted to see everything in person since the lot was rather bare during my First Mile drive in May. I never had a chance to see 4...
  9. mini2nut

    Munro EV - 168 mile range BEV off-roader coming to America

    Unfortunately it’s aimed at commercial users and not road worthy. Very cool!
  10. mini2nut

    How Amazon Is Giving Rivian An Edge In The EV Industry

    Rather interesting video regarding Rivian. Check it out…
  11. mini2nut

    Consumer Reports tests an R1T for a day

    They spent a day with 3 versions of the R1T and were generally quite impressed. They said the trucks acceleration was “ridiculously quick”. ”As much as we like the Rivian, it’s pricey, and we’ll be watching its reliability closely - first year models and startup manufacturers tend to have bugs...
  12. mini2nut

    Did Rivian’s generous 5/60k factory warranty influence your purchase decision?

    Rivian’s come with a very generous bumper-to-bumper and battery pack warranty. If you purchase an R1T this month you are covered by the factory bumper-to-bumper warranty until 8/2027. Did it influence your purchase decision over other vehicles? My hunch is that Rivian will shorten the...
  13. mini2nut

    Black paint vehicle owners: Would you choose black paint again?

    I have owned 1 black vehicle in my life and I said never again. Then I viewed this R1T in Midnight Black. Knock that devil off my shoulder!!!
  14. mini2nut

    If Volvo built a BEV pickup truck

    I completed my First Mile test drive on Friday. My immediate styling impression? Volvo. Install a Volvo emblem on the nose and the R1T would look at right at home in a Volvo showroom next to their current portfolio. That’s a compliment to the Rivian design team. I remember back in 2005-06 when...
  15. mini2nut

    Todays R1T test drive impressions

    I completed my R1T test drive this morning and wanted to share my initial thoughts and impressions. I have never seen an R1T up close and personal. I have only viewed them in traffic when they were moving. STYLING My initial styling impression? If Volvo built an all electric pickup truck this...
  16. mini2nut

    Dual-pane front side windows on R1T?

    Hello R1T owners. Does Rivian install double glazed side windows, also referred to as dual-pane windows, on the R1T? We have them on our 2021 Model Y, 2020‘s did not have them.
  17. mini2nut

    Now You Know - Rivian lied

    Those who ordered the optional Yakima rooftop tent may be interested. NOTE: Skip through the long mattress commercial at the beginning.
  18. mini2nut

    Article: How Rivian's CEO became the anti-Elon - Financial Times

    It's a good read... (updated with non-paywalled article)
  19. mini2nut

    40-60k miles on a set of tires? Not on a 3 1/2 ton R1T!!!

    As a Tesla owner I want to prepare future R1T owners. Tires don't last nearly as long on a EV as a gas powered vehicle. We are conservative drivers and our 17k mile Tesla Model Y Dual Motor will be due for a new set of tires soon. The rear tires typically wear faster than the front. The...