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    Sacramento Rivian charger broken

    Ugh. The chargers at REI are not working
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    R1T trip report - SF bay area to Boise roundtrip with a payload (1300 miles) - Long w/ data!

    Just returned from the KTM Adventure rally in Idaho in my R1T. I left a week ago Monday with my KTM 790 in the bed. It weighs about 480 lbs and I also had my gear along with a friends gear - maybe 900 lbs payload including me. The route was pretty simple. I-80 from SF to Winnemucca and then...
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    How Far Will They Go? Rivian R1T vs Ford F-150 Lightning Highway Range Test

    He did correct himself as the Platinum is rated at only 300 miles
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    Electric trucks like Tesla Semi will get up to $40,000 in incentives with new bill

    Bring on the Rivian Adventure Van with a MAX MAX battery!! Electric trucks, like Tesla Semi or Lion Electric’s trucks, will get up to $40,000 in incentives with the new proposed “Inflation Reduction Act of...
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    And again… PG&E once again

    Rivian comes to the rescue again. Second time in a week at a different location in the Sierra mountains. P
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    Rear seat removal - anyone tried?

    I was hoping to simply remove the two lower rear seats to allow more room on trips for two $$ bicycles etc but it seems there is a wire harness (for rear seat heaters?) that is not a simple disconnect. Anyone thinking along these lines?
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    Rivian hauling dirt bikes in bed -- test fitting TE300 and 500 KTM

    Loaded my TE300 and my 500 KTM in the Rivian this weekend. I had previously installed the L track, wheel chocks and additional tie down rings.
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    Rivian electric bikes inbound? Former Specialized CTO moves to Rivian signaling e-bike advancement

    Rivian electric bikes inbound? Former Specialized CTO moves to Rivian signaling e-bike advancement Micah Toll California-based automaker Rivian is best known today for its electric trucks, but could tomorrow’s Rivian be an electric bike? That possibility is looking much more certain now that...
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    Germany’s Volkswagen Nears Deal to Sell Stake in Electrify America to Siemens

    ◆ WSJ NEWS EXCLUSIVE Germany’s Volkswagen Nears Deal to Sell Stake in Electrify America to Siemens Transaction would value electric vehicle recharging business at more than $2 billion Volkswagen AG, maker of the iconic Porsche sports car, is close to selling a minority stake in its U.S...
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    Sierra trip pics

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    1st fire of the season and power outage - Rivian to the rescue (powering fridge, router, hot water heater)

    Local fire caused PGE to cut the power - well I think a transformer blew up in the heat and started it but… power has been out since yesterday at 2PM. Not an elegant solution but the Rivian is powering my fridge, router and hot water heater.
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    Delivery day - Front damper replaced, truck repaired. A+ to Rivian service/Guide

    Some of you may have seen my post a few weeks ago where my truck was delivered and subsequently broke 10 min later only to have Rivian come and take it back...
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    EA Electrify America Network is like a box of chocolates... 2000 mile trip report

    Just got back from a recent 2000 mile road trip from the SF Bay area to Las Vegas then to Tucson and then returning the same way. Temperatures were hot mostly from 85 to 117 degrees. Note: I was able to slow charge in Vegas at a friends house so I topped off before I left Vegas for Tucson and...
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    Baker and Barstow EA charger can’t stand the heat

    I’ll do a full write up next week but suffice it to say that the Barstow EA chargers were limited to 35kW today and I couldn’t get any of the Baker chargers to work for more than 10 min. After getting that 10 min charge it shut me off and I tried 5 other chargers that only let me charge for 2...
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    F150 Lightning Dealer ADM

    Saw this over on the F150 Lightning Forum
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    F150 test results -Car and Driver 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Is Even Quicker Than Expected At 4.0 seconds flat to 60 mph, Lightning is a very appropriate name. 8We've just tested a 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning, a top Platinum trim with a $93,609 sticker price. It's far and away...
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    UPDATED 6/2 - Delivery day (Hello!) and Return day (Goodbye) ... argh! "Ride height change not possible due to overheated air compressor"

    After two plus years I took delivery today of my R1T Launch Edition. They delivered it on a flatbed and walked me thru all the setup and LOVE the looks and size of the truck even more in person. Delivery folks were very nice and helpful. I crawled around the vehicle for 10 min checking things...
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    Rivian R1T Teardown Kickoff!!!

    And so it begins...