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  1. mini2nut

    Colorado 20" Dark Wheelset & Tires - CO Group Buy for Spare?

    OK. I thought I read that some members were able to get one through their SC.
  2. mini2nut

    Custom Fit R1T Bedliner

    Accessing the spare tire will be a rare event. I'll just roll it up. My R1T supposedly has been shipped, now I'm in wait mode.
  3. mini2nut

    Colorado 20" Dark Wheelset & Tires - CO Group Buy for Spare?

    That’s an expensive spare tire. Did you try ordering one from your local service center directly?
  4. mini2nut

    Gave up on R1S and ordered a 4Runner TRD Off-Road Premium today.

    The 4Runner is an archaic beast but very desirable. It’s bulletproof and still has that legendary Japanese build quality.
  5. mini2nut

    I got her home!!

    Congrats! How long of a wait?
  6. mini2nut

    Low speed tock update

    It has to be a design, tolerance or supplier flaw. The parts involved with the noises are not new technology. Our Model Y with 28k miles is as quiet as a church mouse. Zero tocking, ticking, clicking, etc. from the drivetrain. It’s definitely abnormal despite some service advisors saying “they...
  7. mini2nut

    Rivian Suspension Upgrade Coming...?

    I agree it’s a confusing article. Is version 2.0 coming on the 2023 models?
  8. mini2nut

    Custom Fit R1T Bedliner

    I purchased the USA made Black Armour 1/2” thick mat about a month ago and decided to modify it this weekend. It’s a fairly easy weekend project using common hand tools. Follow the old adage to “measure 2 twice and cut once”😁 As a bonus your left with a 31” x 60” leftover section. I repurposed...
  9. mini2nut

    Loose door bolts

    Recent VIN?
  10. mini2nut

    Musk's twitter problem a boon for Rivian sales? [***NO POLITICS***]

    Mr. Musk has gone off the deep end lately. His constant lust for attention is puzzling. Those that have close ties to Elon claim that the eccentric genius has morphed in the last 2-3 years. He is the face of Tesla and is turning off many potential Tesla buyers. The Tesla Supercharging network...
  11. mini2nut

    California TeslaTap 50amp J1772 to Tesla adapter

    Our Tesla is plugged into a 30 amp circuit breaker. I have it set to charge at 22 amps.
  12. mini2nut

    Why RIVIAN is far worse than Tesla... and I hate Tesla!

    The problem with Tesla right now is Elon Musk. Many BEV shoppers refuse to purchase a Tesla because of the CEO.
  13. mini2nut

    Electric Coolers - worth the cost?

    Australian ARB coolers are supposedly the Rolex of the bunch. You do pay a heftier price however.
  14. mini2nut

    Tesla owner since 2013 feeling drawn into Rivian orbit...

    Tesla hasn’t offered a new product in 3-years. The 2023 Cybertruck will be the shot in the arm that Tesla desperately needs. Elon‘s behavior isn‘t helping things. The stock has taken a beating as well.
  15. mini2nut

    Alex on Autos' Follow-Up After Selling His R1T

    I recently sold my Ford Lightning after 3-months of ownership. The vampire drain on mine was barely noticeable. It would lose maybe 1-2 miles of range after sitting idle for a week.
  16. mini2nut

    STEALTH MIDNIGHT BLACK with OCEAN COAST interior and 22" Sport Dark wheels

    Great! Rivian is already starting to outgrow their current SC’s. Waiting until February is ridiculous.
  17. mini2nut

    STEALTH MIDNIGHT BLACK with OCEAN COAST interior and 22" Sport Dark wheels

    Congrats!!! Midnight Black and OC make a great combination. Now get that rocker panel plastic aligned on the drivers side.