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  1. Zac

    Garage Door programming

    I had a service call at home on Tuesday and we were able to finally get the truck to open my Genie Pro garage door opener. The solution was using a different remote. Even though both remotes operate the garage door opener, only one was able to pair with the truck. Why? Who knows? Could be worth...
  2. Zac

    Camp Kitchen Update: Rivian aiming for Fall release

    Here is what my guide texted me on August 31, "We're sharing more updates for the Camp Kitchen, Three-Person Tent, and Gear Tunnel Shuttle later this fall. As a reminder, I've added notes to your order when we removed the Camp Kitchen so you'll be one of the first to be invited to purchase it...
  3. Zac

    Camp Kitchen Update: Rivian aiming for Fall release

    Yeah, I am with you. Would be great to use year round, but it might be a bit difficult to use in San Diego in the winter. :p
  4. Zac

    Camp Kitchen Update: Rivian aiming for Fall release

    My understanding in talking with various Rivian folks is that the initial prototypes were completely built by hand and they are having a challenging time determining how to scale up production. It didn't sound like supply chain constraints. Also, they have iterated on the design, making...
  5. Zac

    Non-Rivian rooftop tents

    I don't have a pic of that, but it does overhang the rear. My thought is that it shouldn't be too big a deal when driving and it feels very secure when opened and sleeping in. The trade off for me of having it fit the bed better, but not having enough room for the family, wasn't worth it.
  6. Zac

    Camp Kitchen Update: Rivian aiming for Fall release

    Yep, that's what my guide told me. My unanswered question to them is when will it become available?
  7. Zac

    Non-Rivian rooftop tents

    I finally was able to set up my Overland Pros Anza 2000 (king size bed big enough to fit my family of 4) on my truck this past weekend after getting a hoist installed in my garage. I haven't slept in the tent yet (will in a few weeks), but so far I really like it. For those still shopping for a...
  8. Zac

    Camp Kitchen Update: Rivian aiming for Fall release

    Once you get to signing the purchase agreement, they will take it off unless the Camp Kitchen is ready to be delivered then. For those of us who have already taken delivery of our R1T, they took it off. Here is what my guide text me today, "We're sharing more updates for the Camp Kitchen...
  9. Zac

    Non-Rivian rooftop tents

    I also bought a 4-person tent (Anza 2000 from Overland Pros, that is about the same length. I haven't put it on yet, so I am glad you posted some pics. Perhaps a simple metal or wood pole to prop up the back overhang when sleeping in it would support...
  10. Zac

    Camp Kitchen Update: Rivian aiming for Fall release

    Well, Rivian made everyone take it off their truck order since they didn't know when it would be ready. I don't know if they have some priority list or not. They only promised we would get it at the original (pre-March 1) pricing of $5k.
  11. Zac

    Garage Door programming

    I have a Genie Pro Model 1024 with a white learning button from about 2014 and I can't get the remote to pair with the truck (step 1 of 2). My guide sent me this compatibility chart a few weeks ago.
  12. Zac

    Coming up: Sept trip to San Diego. What will happen if I visit the service center?

    I stopped by several times before I took delivery to check out the colors. Each time, an employee would also stop and answer any questions I had. However, if the vehicle is an owners, they can't open it and let you see inside. They do have a loaner I have used a couple of times that they would...
  13. Zac

    Products & Accessories for Rivian R1T/R1S by TWRAPS

    Did you powder coat your wheels black? If so, may I ask what you paid?
  14. Zac

    Camp Kitchen Update: Rivian aiming for Fall release

    I was messaging with my guide yesterday and he told me Rivian is aiming to have the Camp Kitchen available this fall. However, he said there was no specific date yet. So, coming s00n!
  15. Zac

    Rivian XPEL Stealth Deal - Beware

    Agreed! The shop I am talking to has said they will do the full front end using the same XPEL PPF with wrapped edges and the 10-year warranty for $1650. They said they will coat the PPF with ceramic for free. That's how little ceramic alone costs them. I agreed since it seems like a good deal...
  16. Zac

    Where in the world are my All-Weather Floor Mats!?

    Still waiting on mine. It’s been 5+ weeks for me. I got the same response from Rivian about it being impacted by supplier constraints. A very vague response with no real timeline for delivery.
  17. Zac

    [New Email] Rivian offering discounted XPEL PPF to existing owners

    Any experience with Xpel Ultimate Plus vs. Kavaca PPF (
  18. Zac

    License Plates?

    I got my plates less than 3 weeks after taking delivery. It does seem CA DMV registrations are working well.
  19. Zac

    RED CANYON Rivian Club & Photos

    My R1T in the background and a Ferrari in the foreground for color comparison