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    How will tax credit work?

    Thanks, it's making sense now, you can actually maneuver it to suit your situation.
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    How will tax credit work?

    Thanks, yeah that's what I thought. Would have been nice to take it off the price right from the start though!
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    How will tax credit work?

    Does anybody have more definitive information on how the tax credit works? Does it only apply when you file your taxes for the year?, or can you deduct it from the sales price? I believe most or some states also offer incentives for EV's. I believe Florida has $1000 EV incentive? if the...
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    Who will get theirs first?

    I cannot imagine Rivian not having a stockpile of perhaps a few hundred ready by launch time so that the orders can be filled by date of your order, regardless of color. At least I hope so.
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    Hyundai Ioniq 5

    They certainly got their design clues from Audi. A stunning looking car.
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    What We Know - Collecting Information Directly From Rivian

    It is stated that there are 6 USB ports. 2 In the center console, 2 in the rear console, and 2 behind the seats? Shouldn't this be "2 In the truck bed"?
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    How much would you invest in a Rivian IPO?

    I also believe Rivian would be a great long term investment. Just remember, Amazon, Ford and Goldman Sacks I believe invested heavily into Rivian and they will certainly get millions of shares. The little guy like us, will get a drop in the bucket compared to all these guys. Employees that...
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    How much would you invest in a Rivian IPO?

    Could have, should have. Luckily I got in last year Jan, and made out like a bandit.
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    Only 100 Days until Deliveries Begin

    I don't know about you guys, but I think the Launch Green is fugly! Especially if you also ordered the Forest Green Interior for an extra $2000! Yuck! As far as deliveries go, nobody has yet mentioned if Rivian is going to have a stockpiles of R1T's available at launch? Or are they going to be...
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    Interesting manufacturing photo

    I think that there are enough 21" and 22" tire choices out there. You will not struggle to find any size and a plethora of choices, so size is not an issue. Obviously they charge more for 21's and 22's because they're bigger. The other issue, perhaps, is what size will fit in the box in the...
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    New Rivian Colors Discussion -- Vote On Your Preferred Color

    Yeah, these renderings don't show you the exact color that it will actually be. Just look at the Rivian Blue and then find a picture of the real truck. It certainly looks a little different. I have also not seen a real Red Canyon one, and hope it will be a little more red. My kid said, "I...
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    New Rivian Colors Discussion -- Vote On Your Preferred Color

    Who's vehicle is it gonna be? Yours or the wife's?
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    Who will get theirs first?

    Yeah I think you're right. Orders for certain colors that aren't so popular might have to wait, which would be unfair. I'll even change my color if that is the case.
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    Rivian experience center opening in Laguna Beach [updated with design plans]

    There's always some idiot or group that will fight against any development. It is high time to ignore these idiots unless they are prepared to buy the place so they can restore it the way they like.
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    Rivian confirms dynamic headlights which move for curves and turns

    This just in from Tesla. Elon is working on Einstein's Theory of Relativity to be able bend light without having to move the actual light bulb/source. Should be cool having a little nuclear power source in each headlight.
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    Towing Airstream Classic

    Just wondering? Have you ever towed your Airstream with your X and tried to recharge at a Supercharger? Do you first have to unhook the Airstream, park it someplace, charge up and then hook the Airstream back up? Tesla's all require you back into the charging stalls, which you cannot do when...
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    Who will get battery supply preference? Us or Amazon?

    Not many people are talking about Amazon. Has the Amazon order been given preference? Like all EV manufacturers, the battery supply seems to be the bottleneck. Amazon's initial order was for 100,000 vans, sure over a number of years, but will they take away battery supply from the retail...
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    Finalizing Orders When?

    Well since Rivian started on the R1T back in 2009!, and having had many delays and postponements, I think they have their sh#t together now. I am also pleased at all the R&D and testing they've done over the years. I think their vehicles are going to be great and cannot wait for mine in June...