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    Electrify America charging issues - More RAN stations because I don't want to deal with this nonsense.

    Plugshare observation. I was checking out Plugshare online in my local area. I noticed there was an entry for the Gander Mtn store. It said there was a 'wall' outlet in the parking lot on a light pole. I am guessing that unless there is sign there that says you can use it, it would be consider...
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    Cold Weather Testing | Progress Report | Rivian - Official Video

    Maybe there is an 'eco' mode that drops to 2 motors for highway driving to extend range.?.? Left field question... (Not an engineer or able to run numbers.) But could you 'drive' with two and 'regen' with the other two to extend range? My guess is no because the return on investment would not...
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    Real Photos & Videos

    I think they are two different vehicles. The one in the video has the front black fender. The one in the image, does not. There is also the difference in that the windows are not wrapped in one, but are in the other.
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    Real Photos & Videos

    Not sure about a longer bed. The wheel base looks shorter. If there was a longer bed, I would not expect the wheels to be that close together. Maybe the overseas model?
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    New video of cold weather testing

    More details:
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    Rivian roll-out humor...

    WHEW! My credit rating is 799.
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    Overhead (drone) and underbody video of a charging R1T

    This has come up before based on an earlier picture. The hope is that there is a setting that allows you to decide to show it or not.
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    Rivian Official Video: The Long Weekend Wyoming

    To me the best part is that they make him wash it before returning it. :)
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    Overhead (drone) and underbody video of a charging R1T

    Ok. Saw the video and the first thing I noticed. Why did they park like a-holes and sort of block the other spot!?!?! If it was a ICE vehicle we would be pissed because they are blocking a spot they really don't use. How should we feel when it is a BEV vehicle? ;)
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    Rivian Reaffirms First Deliveries in June 2021 Via New video!

    It is MAGIC. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” -- Arthur C. Clarke
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    Who will get battery supply preference? Us or Amazon?

    This is what I have always thought. This is fine with me because Rivian is getting a lot more money from Amazon then me. And that Amazon money is what is helping pay for the R1T and R1S upbringing.
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    Finalizing Orders When?

    I will even camp-out at the factory to be ready and willing when mine rolls out the factory door. Ok, maybe 'camp' in a nearby hotel.
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    R1T climbing steep grade - video posted by RJ

    Could also be a matter of speed. Most likely someone got out to spot or run the camera. So, they popped out. Since they really don't get up to speed, they don't pop in and/or auto-lock the doors.
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    Finalizing Orders When?

    I have stated in other posts, but this is what I don't get. There have been 'leaks' for IPO, factory in Europe, Smaller vehicles for China. These have become THE news. I do not care about these topics. We need details on the Vehicles that we will be buying!!!! Leak those details!!!
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    Real Photos & Videos

    These were also posted someplace else, except there was also one of the back with the License plate. The number on the license plate was blocked out. I was like, ah we all already seen that number a hundred times!
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    R1T off-road testing in Arizona with some 2 wheel and hill descent control action - posted by RJ Scaringe

    Interesting (and what I would expect from 4 separately controlled motors), the wheels stopped when up in the air.
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    Rivian Scouting Factory Locations in Europe

    Again, I could care less about this. Come on people, leak good information about THE VEHICLES! :)
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    Report: Rivian Aims for IPO This Year

    At this point, I could care less about the IPO. Why can't these people leak info on the truck!!!!
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    R1T Cold Weather Testing in Minnesota @ -19°

    Oh, a video of a tank turn in snow would have been AWESOME!
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    R1T Cold Weather Testing in Minnesota @ -19°

    Sweet! I really like the one with basically all the front lights on. Hopefully we will be getting some stats on how cold weather affects range and charging.