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    Rivian confirms dynamic headlights which move for curves and turns

    I had a BMW 3 Series that had dynamic headlights and they were actually very useful. Glad to see this will have them, too!
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    Video: Rivian R1T is more aerodynamic than any other pickup truck in the world

    That's an interesting observation. I didn't notice it specifically and sort of assumed they'd have some clear cover over the stadium lights so that they weren't actually recessed. I'll have to go back over the video footage and see if I can spot it.
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    Introductions! Drop in and say hello new and old members...

    Hi everyone! I'm Joe. I've been wanting an electric vehicle for a while now, but really wanted a pickup truck for my next vehicle. Like many of you, I was intrigued by Rivian's announcement of an electric pick-up and left in awe after the LA debut. Since then, I've been devouring updates...