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  1. Chunk

    Rivian confirms POWERED tailgate has now been KILLED

    That’s been gone a while. Only up or horizontal.
  2. Chunk

    CAUTION! I just lost my Launch Edition.

    Well I received a call from Rivian and they have agreed to reinstate my Launch Edition slot. They were very professional and nice. I asked for and received an email to confirm.
  3. Chunk

    CAUTION! I just lost my Launch Edition.

    I was told that I could change anything other than to the adventure or explore package and it wouldn’t affect it.
  4. Chunk

    CAUTION! I just lost my Launch Edition.

    I went to look at different colors in the configurator (R1S LE white/forest edge/22") and went by the rules I was told by customer care (excellent folks there!) that as long as I don't change the package or hit save that I wouldn't lose my launch edition configuration. Well, that wasn't...
  5. Chunk

    Home charging and expiring tax credits

    As I understand it, there’s a $1000 tax credit that expires 12/31/2020 for the purchase and installation of a home EV charger. I know that Rivian said they will Be rolling one out but with 6 weeks left in the year, I’m considering installing a third party charger. 1. Is anyone familiar with the...
  6. Chunk

    What new information are you excited to get?

    I called and asked this specific question. I was told specific metrics were not available but that the 22 inch would only be a “handful of miles” less range than the ideal 21”. The 20” AT tires were the only significant degradation. Now I’ll be happier when I see that on paper but it gave me...
  7. Chunk

    Launch Green - Come on Rivian, Pictures Please!

    I imagine if you’ve configured and secured a LE you can change it to any color (to include Launch Green) until committal day.
  8. Chunk

    New Rivian Colors Discussion -- Vote On Your Preferred Color

    if this is launch “green” they can keep It!
  9. Chunk

    Rivian Launches New Website: Updated Prices, Launch Edition, Timing, Colors and More!

    Yeah, that’s a no from me, dawg. I put down money to buy a product, not to virtue signal or shake my fist at ICE. I get it if this is your issue but if when the full details comes out they underdeliver, I’m not going to be as happy as I hoped to be with the product.
  10. Chunk

    Paint Protection Film...Thoughts?

    In 2016 I decided to hold onto my 2010 MDX because it was paid off, low miles, and generally was a great car. Unfortunately the paint was swirled and the clear headlights were UV fogging due to harsh SoFla conditions. Part of the decision was that if I was going to keep it, I'd rehab the...
  11. Chunk

    Leather Interior Colors

    Saddle/baseball mitt/ “peanut butter guts” interior with the green, white, or dark blue exterior would be high on my list. In no world do I want a white interior...I like the green tea interior but it only works with certain paint colors. you’re correct...every high end interior has this option
  12. Chunk

    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    2/23/20 #429xx. Original order was R1T but have since switched to R1S. Waiting on configuration and seeing in person before final decision on which model. Oh yeah, and for COVID to stop screwing with my profession....