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    RJ posts Rivian winter testing video

    Here is and up scaled copy of the video for any one that wants it. I can do others if you want. https://drive.[google].com/file/d/1_bMdZ-qP8DJvhY-uCx8l1fmS1POLLy6a/view?usp=sharing
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    How much would you invest in a Rivian IPO?

    No but I’m in the market for a liver. :(
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    Amazon Officially Starts Deliveries With Rivian Vans

    If the average van only needs to be charged at night then this could open up spots all over to charge during the day. We have an Amazon delivery hub 10 mins from my house. They have about 30 vans that park/load there. It is in an industrial park and I’ve not been there in a year or so things may...
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    Rivian Amazon Van starts deliveries making lots of noise

    I’m in a 2019 Niro plugin. The only time I can really hear the noise is in drive thoughts with the windows down. Like you said it’s a nice wobble but a bit high pitched. Anywhere else Windows up or down I don’t seem to notice.
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    Rivian Bluetooth Speaker / Lantern - Details & Video!

    Screen caps from milesK on the other Rivian forum.
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    Rivian Bluetooth Speaker / Lantern - Details & Video!

    Anyone save the video or get screen grabs?
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    Over the air access

    I have a Kia Niro plugin hybrid. With the mid level radio I have the data is provided by XM says so in the documentation. XM data network is slow and only one way. If I park under the tree I front of my house my XM cuts out and I can’t use the app to control the car. If I move it 10 feet up or...
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    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    I'm late to the game Jul 27, 2020 Order #54883