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    Rivian R1T crash test video, photos, analysis

    Isn't that crashed test R1T in lauch green????!!!!!
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    Roll Call

    I'm in line for an LE R1T in Rivian Blue with the 20" all terrains Native Texan now living in College Station. Pre-ordered in July 2020 and hoping to have my truck by the holiday season.
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    Rivian Amazon Van starts deliveries making lots of noise

    If I can't turn it off when I am off road then this will suck. Imagine trying to view animals and you are cruising at low speeds making some stupid alert sound! The lack off sound is one of the big draws for me along with it being better for the environment. We are already inundated with noise...
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    When is the earliest we'll be on the hook to make a purchase?

    They should do a test drive event in Austin. I would be happy to drive over from College Station. They could hold the event at the huge Cybertruck factory parking lot. Wouldn't that be fun!
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    Will the Launch Edition get any additional exclusive features/options before release?

    My dad got a free Remington shotgun when he bought an International Scout back in the 80s. I could go for a deal like that!
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    Launch Editions Fully Reserved. General Public Access to Rivian Configurator Begins 11/23 @ 9AM PST

    I think they plan to have all of the LE vehicles out by the end of 2021 so how many vehicles can they produce a month for that 7 month span? 2000-3000 maybe so 14-21k LEs. Does that sound reasonable?
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    Rivian Configurator is Up For Reservation Holders! Share Your Build / Configuration Inside

    Got my email at 2:06 CST (preorder date 7/1/2020) I'm assuming more options will come available as we get nearer to production because that was pretty anticlimactic. Also not sure why the blue and yellow colors are 2500 more. Maybe they are putting real flecks of gold in the paint or something ;)
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    2021 Rivian R1T first drive review: It's going to be a game-changer (Roadshow)

    They have corrected the off road range from 137 to 167 in the article. I know it is only 30 miles but 167 sounds a lot better to me.
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    Rivian R1T to participate in the 2020 Rebelle Rally [Update: 6th Place Finish]

    These images have the charge port on the drivers side and have the solid pane windows on the back doors. I would guess this one is one of the more recent ones to roll off of the line since we haven't seen those two changes before although we knew they were supposed to happen.
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    R1T image of new wrap/truck

    Found this on a Rivian Facebook group today. I'm guessing this is the R1T doing the Rebelle Rally but thats just a guess. Looks to be a recent production model with the solid back window and charge point on the drivers side.
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    R1T accessories & options wish list.

    I have a 18.6 kWp system on my house and the best day this year produced 115 kW in a day. Seems to me that if we are putting a panel on the R1T then that would be only helpful at running some auxiliary stuff.
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    Center Display question for those of you who own Teslas....

    I hope there is an off button too. It can be annoying to have a bunch of extra light in my face at night. Especially when you are out in the middle of nowhere without all the light pollution from a city.
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    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    R1T 52661 pre order on 1 July 2020