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  1. GreenMonster

    Good Forbes Article on Rivian - production number estimates and vehicle servicing mentioned

    I think focusing on mobile service and repairs is the way to go for Rivian. I know Tesla owners view it as a sort of concierge service and so handling most service/repairs via at-home/office visits will actually add to the Rivian ownership experience as something premium, which is the segment...
  2. GreenMonster

    Edmunds Discusses the R1T, Cybertruck, GMC Hummer

    What's most curious to me is will demand for EV pickups actually meet the supply in the next couple of years as all these options hit the market. I can think of 5-6 EV pickups already announced. Of course some of them will be nothing but vaporware but even if 4-5 hit the market, that's a lot.
  3. GreenMonster

    When Did You Pre-Order Your Rivian?

    December 24, 2018 as an early early Christmas gift to myself :)
  4. GreenMonster

    Preproduction Rivian R1T spotted testing at Tierra del Fuego!

    I hope they are testing out different steering wheels, given the state of the interior I'll withhold judgment until later prototypes. I'm glad to finally see this in another color!
  5. GreenMonster

    Rivian confirmed for NY Auto Show, with pre-show invite only event

    Thinking of making the drive down for the event. But that date is a week before the NY show actually starts, would have been nice to attend the event and NY show on the same trip.
  6. GreenMonster

    Rivian vs Tesla skateboard chassis

    So Rivian and Tesla both use so called skateboard chassis. They look and sound very similar with both housing the battery packs, wheels, suspension, brakes, and motors. Does Rivian's skateboard have any improvements or advantages?
  7. GreenMonster

    Rivian has four new models in development!

    I hope one of them is a halo sports car to directly compete with the upcoming Tesla Roadster. Rivian should have the volume side covered with the truck and SUV models so they should make an outright sports car to showcase the company's design and engineering abilities and to serve as a halo...
  8. GreenMonster

    Rivian / EV battery performance in cold weather / temperature

    Any cold weather owners of EVs out there that can share real world experience in reduced battery performance and range due to cold weather and temperature? Say at 32 degrees and below... I'd like to know what to expect in the wintertime - if it's a huge difference to the summertime for example.
  9. GreenMonster

    Rivian Servicing & Repairs?

    Servicing your Rivian at a GM (Cadillac or Chevy) service center?! Besides the fact that GM service centers are inept, I doubt many Rivian owners would be happy having to bring their vehicles into another brand's service centers. If I'm paying$70-90k for a car I want to have a certain ownership...
  10. GreenMonster

    Analyst: Rivian's Clean Sheet Approach Will Challenge Tesla's "Unsustainable" Dominance

    R1T obviously doesn't have any competition if it came out today but the R1S being a 7 seat electric SUV will compete directly with the Model X. Based on what Scaringe has said about expected pricing though, it will beat the Model X on pricing. @Ricky35 made this post breaking it down -- the...
  11. GreenMonster

    Rivian Pricing Targets Loaded F-150, Denali, Suburban, Land Rover Discovery

    Totally agree with this. Creating a brand and culture is key for a startup IMO. Auto manufacturing is already a tough business, and even more so for new startup manufacturers. Just look at Tesla and how long it's taken them to have a single quarter of profit. If you don't have a culture and...
  12. GreenMonster

    Lengthy Q&A With RJ Scaringe by Greentechmedia

    Nice Q&A. Wish he talked about the additional trunks and usable plugs more. If they offer a good bed cap / topper for the R1T, that'd give it the best of both worlds in terms of cargo space but also being weather sealed / climate controlled. Plus I like how they can change up the look of a...
  13. GreenMonster

    Free charging for Rivian early buyers/owners

    Porsche recently announced 3 years free fast charging for the upcoming Taycan EV and Tesla has offered free unlimited supercharging for certain periods/models in the past (though that has now ended). Rivian hasn't announced anything yet but what are the chances they'll offer some kind of free...
  14. GreenMonster

    Rivian R1T aftermarket parts and accessories

    Hope you're right. That could definitely help get real truck enthusiasts on board. Rivian could help that cause by offering schematics (or even access to the truck/SUV) to any aftermarket parts manufacturers before the vehicle is even released. That's how certain vehicles like Jeeps often enjoy...
  15. GreenMonster

    Rivian R1T aftermarket parts and accessories

    Think there'll be much of an aftermarket for the R1T pickup? There's never been an electric pickup truck so there's no precedent to help answer this question but I've always been impressed at the breadth of aftermarket parts and accessories available for pickup trucks. I'll admit part of the...
  16. GreenMonster

    Possible First Peek at Rivian's Future Rally Model

    First I've seen the roof rack attached! It's nice and sleek as I've hoped. You guys think the Rally Rivian model will be called the R1R?
  17. GreenMonster

    Rivian confirmed for NY Auto Show, with pre-show invite only event

    Saw Rivian's tweet about that this morning too. I missed the R1T and R1S world debut at the LA show unfortunately :( Let us know what you think in person!
  18. GreenMonster

    Rivian Waiting Room: Have you pre-ordered with deposit?

    What in the world is that? Who is going to buy a transport sized pickup that can't even be parked in a garage or clear highway overpasses?! Even if it were sized/scaled properly, that is one unattractive truck.
  19. GreenMonster

    Analyst: Rivian's Clean Sheet Approach Will Challenge Tesla's "Unsustainable" Dominance

    Some really bullish reports about Rivian from analysts, for what it's worth. I do agree the clean sheet approach is a big advantage for Rivian and they seem to be doing it right by not rushing it to market. Rivian R1T Truck & R1S SUV Will Challenge Tesla Dominance: Analyst A premature...