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  1. davrow_R1T

    Rivian Takes On Direct Sales Battle in Several States

    Thanks for that update, EyeOnRivian! :)
  2. davrow_R1T

    Disney+ Options

    Except Amazon will be saying "absolutely no games in our vans. They are work vehicles". They won't care what anyone else gets (unless it is Amazon Prime with Unlimited Music). Sure won't care about Disney+.
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    GMC Hummer EV teaser video - 1,000 HP and 11,500 ft lbs

    I started driving about the time seatbelts became required. NO ONE wanted them. No one wanted to pay for them in the increased price of the car, They never would have happened without government regulations. I happen to approve of seatbelts. Guess what? Airbags. Same thing. I hate...
  4. davrow_R1T

    Rivian Takes On Direct Sales Battle in Several States

    Passed senate only, now goes to house. Not law yet. It doesn't really work like that. You still register, and thus pay tax, in your home state. You just BUY it out of state. You can even have it delivered (by a third party) in your state, so you never need to leave home. These laws are silly.
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    Colorado Senate passes bill allowing EV sales directly from manufacturer to consumer

    Only the first step (not law yet) but definitely moving the right direction for consumers. :)
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    Crash Test Ratings

    I would not recommend carrying your case of hand grenades in the frunk. Under the passenger seats is clearly a better solution. ;)
  7. davrow_R1T

    Rivian Takes On Direct Sales Battle in Several States

    Couldn't find such a simple list, but: link here (Yes, this is for Tesla, Rivian isn't selling anything yet. They're just preparing.)
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    Rivian customers share thoughts about preordering a vehicle

    I, too, felt they were just one more hyped startup... until the Amazon order & investment. That's all that stands between several wannabe EV startups and real products, adequate investment. So that is when I started researching them, then ordered. :blush:
  9. davrow_R1T

    Rivian Waiting Room: Have you pre-ordered with deposit?

    ONE person has started a rumor to that effect. :rolleyes: Anything could still happen at this point, I'll grant that much.
  10. davrow_R1T

    Adventurous Forever video series launched by Rivian

    Not to worry, they were talking about producing an amazing EV, not about timelines. He meant the Rivian vehicles have to deliver as promised. A wonderful sentiment.
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    Rivian Eventual L3 and Data Gathering

    I'm still having trouble understanding why a billion miles of recorded data mean anything. If you can drive through a complex scenario on a test environment, you're done. Sure a billion miles has a lot of info, but once you've missed one pedestrian in every conceivable variation, does testing...
  12. davrow_R1T

    Rivian vs. Cybertruck

    There are plenty of us here with a deposit on both (Cybertruxk and R1T for me). I need LOTS more info before deciding which to get. But despite all their differences, they are both, to me, an advanced EV truck. No, not immediately. They are very different, but either will fit my needs/wants...
  13. davrow_R1T

    So No Deliveries in 2020?

    I don't think that is what he means at all, even if it is what he said. He's talking about potential buyers. Reservation holders are already buyers, so don't need stores.
  14. davrow_R1T

    Leather Interior Colors

    That's exactly what I want. You won't get it. Tesla doesn't even offer leather anymore. Rivian may go that route. I'm researching aftermarket seats and reupholstery shops. Expensive, but I want what I want, not what they offer. edit: this is what I want (more pics at this link):
  15. davrow_R1T

    Fully Charged Live coming to Austin, TX Feb. 1+2, 2020

    Me neither. Probably because I was a 'late' pre-order (October this year). Oh well, I couldn't make it anyway. :oops:
  16. davrow_R1T

    Rivian makes cursory attempt to update pre-order holders

    I am. Got the 'events' email an hour after I posted. Pre-orders email probably arriving soon.
  17. davrow_R1T

    Living Off Grid

    jimbo69ny built it. He has videos on the cybertruck forum here.
  18. davrow_R1T

    What would you like to see on your new Rivian or from the Rivian company??

    CappyJax, they are discussing output, not input.
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    Roll Call