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    BEV & Battery Wars: Rivian, SDI, GM, Chinese, S. Korean & Global Rivalry

    That tired old study refuses to die. It has been debunked numerous times, mostly because -amazingly enough - for the diesel emissions they ignored the well-to-tank portion and only considered tailpipe emissions. The data for this graph was garnered from actual power plant emissions data: The...
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    Bidirectional home chargers

    Demand charges are for the peak kW draw during any given 15 min period and are assessed per meter and per billing cycle. Using the data linked: General Lighting and Power (Schedule 2), If during the month, the maximum draw at a Supercharger meter was 500 kW (4 simultaneous vehicles charging @...
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    BEV & Battery Wars: Rivian, SDI, GM, Chinese, S. Korean & Global Rivalry

    Past history shows that the SEC does indeed take a dim view of companies that lie to their shareholders - the "funding secured" statement by Musk is but one example. I put much less faith in the statements that Elon makes than you do. Too many examples of well meaning (but overly optimistic?)...
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    Rivian Shuts Down All Facilities to Slow Spread of COVID-19 / Coronavirus

    "Decent Range" varies wildly depending on who you are talking to. 200+ miles in the used market pretty much limits you to Tesla and the Chevy Bolt, As your definition of decent range drops, more options become available. It is possible to find the occasional >2 year old used EV, but often they...
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    Crude Oil

    None of the above. Gas prices will not affect my decision to continue driving EVs, but the environmental aspect is just the icing. The cake is the myriad other benefits.
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    BEV & Battery Wars: Rivian, SDI, GM, Chinese, S. Korean & Global Rivalry

    Rivians first battery packs are very likely to last 10-20 years, and vehicle technology will likely be very different at that point. Imagine if the engine goes south on a 20 year old F-150. A few might replace it and keep driving their old vehicle. Most will move on to a newer vehicle with more...
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    What we might see in that configurator: Options, Launch Edition, etc...

    Much of what is listed above likely has not yet been decided/finalized (which could be one of the main reasons the configurator is not up and running).
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    Possible Tax Credit Loss

    We do know they have 100K sold to Amazon, and they will start delivering those in 2021. If they delivered their 200 thousandth vehicle on or after July 1st, the full Federal Tax Credit would be available for all of that year. There seems to be about an equal push to extend and reduce/eliminate...
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    Good News for Charging Convenience

    There is nothing specific to Rivian vehicles since none have been produced (a few prototypes but they will have some differences). The power source has no effect of the physics that reduce mpg (or mi/kWh). Air resistance has an inverse square relationship to speed and at freeway speeds is the...
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    Rivian Takes On Direct Sales Battle in Several States The purchaser or lessee need not acquire a motor vehicle or truck in Colorado to qualify for the credit, so long as Colorado titling and registration requirements are met.
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    Another Truck Concept - Nikola Badger

    Using hydrogen as a battery is inefficient no matter the source of electricity to "refine" it. That same electricity could be used to charge a battery. In addition to the electricity needed to produce the hydrogen, it also needs to be compressed to 10,000 psi and cooled. If it is not produced...
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    Good Forbes Article on Rivian - production number estimates and vehicle servicing mentioned

    Rivian will not even be allowed to sell in Texas if they stick with a direct sales model and don't utilize franchised dealerships. They may set up some sort of a partnership with Ford dealers taking the orders to work around the issue in States that restrict or ban automobile sales outside of...
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    Outdoor Driveway Charging Outlet/EVSE?

    Yes, you will need an EVSE. 48A charging would require a 60A circuit and a hardwired EVSE. Charging is considered continuous duty and you are therefore limited to no more than 80% of the circuit rating.
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    Shhh...Don’t Tell Anyone the Rain Isn’t *That* Bad

    That probably explains some of it. The NW rarely gets "gully washers". We tend to have slow steady rain or just light mist that keeps the roads wet/damp, but not a lot of standing water. Tires and speed will also play a big factor, as well as the particular vehicle. But our experience has still...
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    Good News for Charging Convenience

    Gentleman's bet on the EPA range? I'll take over 420 miles on the 180 kWh R1T and 320 miles on the 135 kWh version.
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    Good News for Charging Convenience

    A bit of a side note, but I see repeated calculations assuming that Rivian will delivery no more than the minimum range numbers they have revealed. As an example above, the calculation using 400 miles on 180 kWh is very likely too low. 1) Rivian has announced 400+ miles on the 180 kWh pack, and...
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    Which car rental to get an idea?

    It depends on what you're trying to evaluate. The Tacoma will tell you nothing about driving an EV. The Tesla will tell you nothing about driving a pickup. And the Tacoma is different than the Rivian in absolutely every way - expect perhaps shape. Performance, ride, weight, handling, etc, will...
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    EV Chargers: How to Choose the Right One for Your Home

    Unless you consistently drive north of 200 miles a day on multiple days back-to-back, a 40A EVSE (on a 50A circuit with a 14-50) will be more than enough to fully charge overnight. And as to finding a public 14-60 plug and taking your EVSE with you? Never, ever going to happen. 14-50? Yes...