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    Crude Oil

    It's not so much the environment, but the driving dynamics of an EV far surpass anything with an ICE to make me want to go back.
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    Pardon the temporary look while we renovate

    The new look is coming together well. Can you fix the home page though so it doesn't have a page not found error?
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    Rivian customers share thoughts about preordering a vehicle

    Tesla always claims to have enough pre-orders to sell out production for years, yet in practice there's always a way to jump ahead of the line depending on which options and regions are being produced. Many people wait for less expensive models or end up cancelling, making the pre-order tally...
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    Rivian customers share thoughts about preordering a vehicle

    To put things in perspective, I reserved my Model X about 27 months after the initial reveal date (and after Tesla had been selling Model S for nearly 2 years), and my reservation number was just over 10,000. Granted, a lot more people are aware of EVs now and the Rivian deposit is $1,000 vs...
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    Good Forbes Article on Rivian - production number estimates and vehicle servicing mentioned

    I'm still not exactly sure how the Cox deal relates to operating service centers. Looking at their website, it appears they simply provide technology for auto dealers to use. I can't find any mention of actual branded service centers where I could take a Rivian. Where are the physical...
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    Adventurous Forever video series launched by Rivian

    When I first watched the video, the first color that popped in my mind was red. However, looking at the frame grab it does seem to have a more orangey brown tint to it. I would call it more copper than root beer.
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    Lincoln SUV will be first First vehicle built on Rivian skateboard chassis

    I would be very surprised. This is going to be entirely a Lincoln-designed product on Rivian's platform. Compare a Ford Explorer to a Lincoln Aviator and that's the kind of similarity to expect. Automakers are far beyond slapping a different badge on the same design and calling it a day. The...
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    Attending Fully Charged Live in Austin?

    Realistically, I would keep the third row seats folded most of the time so it's not a huge issue. It's just nice to have the option of storing them widthwise. With the Model X I am able to keep them in the frunk, so that is my primary wish with the R1S.
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    Attending Fully Charged Live in Austin?

    Thank you for the measurements. These are a bit disappointing as I was hoping to be able to fit golf clubs across, and for that I need 48" clearance. I'd rather not have those compartments on the side as then I could at least fit them by removing the driver. Did you happen to measure the...
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    When Did You Pre-Order Your Rivian?

    November 27, 2018 - the day of the R1S reveal.
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    So in Illinois, will R1T be Class B while R1S gets passenger plates?

    Be aware this information is out of date. The registration fee for EVs in Illinois is now $251 a year.
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    "... Rivian will integrate Alexa into its electric pickup and SUV"

    I'd prefer to use a button to activate it rather than have it always listening, which is what I've done with Siri. Otherwise, I bet most of the people swearing off Rivian due to the Alexa integration are people who never had a reservation in the first place.
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    First official look at White Rivian R1S

    One of them is supposed to be yellow (like the badge accents or calipers). The last one could be red, or something earthy like copper or brown.
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    R1T $69,000 starting price - opinions

    You are likely referring to the writing stamped throughout the interior that says "LAUNCH EDITION" along with the name of the interior theme (Forest Edge, Lunar Rock, Black Mountain). It's unclear if this is simply to identify the show cars or something that will make it to production, but it...
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    Preproduction Rivian R1T spotted testing at Tierra del Fuego!

    I haven't noticed this before, but the door handles on the white truck appear to be extended out on one side when parked. Perhaps they are changing to a self-presenting type of door handle rather than one that you push one side in to get it to pop out.
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    The Rivian Demographic??

    The Ford figure is probably width including mirrors, while the others (and obviously the Cybertruck) exclude mirrors.
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    2019 LA Auto Show

    Last year was a one-time deal since it was their initial reveal. There's nothing new to show this year so no point in going.
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    Ford Mach E Specs & Pics Leaked

    As much as I love the Rivian design, I'm having a hard time justifying spending 50% more for a R1S when the Mach-E would suit my needs just fine. I won't make a final decision until the full specs and price list are available for both, but right now I think I'd lean towards the Ford.
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    Preference on charging port location

    While I think the front driver's side is the best option, I'd currently prefer it to be in the same spot as Tesla's since that's where my charging station is wired.
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    R1S vs. Similar ICE class vehicles (Ex. Yukon)

    Tesla's site is supposed to detect what state you're in and show the incentives that apply. Sometimes if it can't detect the state, it defaults to California and you see the extra incentives.