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  1. delmi

    Economic Reasons to Buy an EV instead of a gas powered car

    The previous thread makes me realize that we have waited long enough and it is time for RIVIAN to give us something concrete to talk about. When we are down to six sigmas and rutabagas it is time for the configuator so that the long wait until delivery can be filled with realistic discussions.
  2. delmi

    What we might see in that configurator: Options, Launch Edition, etc...

    A home charger is a must have - both 110V and 220V. Run flat tires are a very desirable feature. Adds lots of storage. especially on the R1S. Not everyone is going to run their $100k vehicle on the rockpile. We have to trust that RJ and crew will deliver a game changer and market winner.
  3. delmi

    Rivian Takes On Direct Sales Battle in Several States

    Maybe you can move up in line by taking delivery in a low order state and driving it home ? Just a first thought.
  4. delmi

    R1T $69,000 starting price - opinions

    C'mon guys we are talking about vehicles which none of us have sat in let alone driven, and we are on about the environment, global warming and even "douchebags". I am 89 years old and I thought my third Land Rover would be my last car but along came Rivian and captivated me, so I am buying my...
  5. delmi

    Run Flat Tires

    Thanks for the info - especially on crazy ex's and spike strips.
  6. delmi

    Run Flat Tires

    I am interested in the R1T but would change to the R1S if it were available with run flats and no third row seats. This frees up a lot of interior storage space. I had this combination on my X5 and it worked really well. Has Rivian done any testing with run flats? This would also work on the...
  7. delmi

    How much for annual registration?

    Here is the breakdown on my 2019 tabs for my 2017 Land Rover Diesel Discovery in the state of Washington: Registration Fee $3.00 License Plate $0.25 Dept of License $0.50 Trans Benefit $20.00 Vehicle Wt $45.00 License...
  8. delmi

    Regenerative Braking Capacity

    The point was that what regen is worth to someone depends on that person's perspective and, indeed, on the circumstances. During the summer I charge from hydro so there is no environmental impact if I waste energy (except for the relatively tiny losses of transmission). During the winter it's...
  9. delmi

    Regenerative Braking Capacity

    Who were you quoting on the Trump comment.
  10. delmi

    Seattle Rivian Event (photos, reactions). Blue R1T + more details revealed

    Good to read all of the replies, especially Godfodder0901 who appeared to have a lot of inside info. It sounds like a lot of new info will be breaking in the near future.
  11. delmi

    Seattle Show

    Who went to the Seattle showing and what are your fist impressions?
  12. delmi

    Seattle Rivian Event (photos, reactions). Blue R1T + more details revealed

    First impressions from Seattle. BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL!!! Huge tires and wheels - no run flats on this baby. Changed my choice from R1S to R1T - better looking and more functional. Good conversation with Mason, employee #23, regarding power transfer and driver controls. Extra long...
  13. delmi


    Has Rivian tested run flat tires, and if so what are the results? I had run flats on my X-5 and although the ride was just a little rougher they freed up a lot of storage space. I was going to put them on my Land Rover Discovery at 30k miles.