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  1. Getting terrible efficiency numbers

    This is what everyone at some point in their response should have said. You need to contact Rivian, plain and simple. There are some many factors that your post leave out. They will help you. Please report back with what you find out from them.
  2. Quick Canada Trip

    I drove up from Buffalo, NY to Toronto today and back. Truck Stats were very average. 2.35 kWh/mi with 20 inch rims. Switching to kilometers was nice. Funny quirks like setting cruise still displayed in mph. Biggest surprise was the Queens Way Express which is the main highway from Buffalo up...
  3. Camp Speaker... POS?

    Are we sure the USB-C port is bi-directional? I charge my phone off of the speaker
  4. Munro Live: Rivian R1T / R1S suspension system deep dive

    Biggest take away for me is there being 2 different air compressors. I have used the rear bed one a fair amount but always worried about it also running the air suspension. Rivian continues to impress
  5. Annoyances- Tow prep and loading

    what about activating the bed lights? that's what i do when i have been in that situation
  6. Hitch cover DIY mod. Ditch the screwdriver!

    Probably losing out on the .001 Extra kw/mi The edit on this is leaving the cover off might actually effect areo under the truck
  7. How long have you waited for service?

    Sounds like Ford. Which isn't a good thing. I had a new 2018 F-150 and the rear door latch system would freeze up in the winter and my door would literally swing open when i went around a turn. Ford knew about the problem and no joke in December of 2019 they told me 4-6 month wait on a fix...
  8. How to use non-adaptive cruise control?

    no way. Sorry my man. Maybe in the future. Someone here will argue for sure but for Rivian and the general population, adaptive cruise control is safer. It is always looking at the road, not glancing at a cell phone or grabbing a drink or yelling at the kids in the back seat. So i would imagine...
  9. R1T = a high maintenance princess (demands a $29k fix ;) )

    The truck uses the brakes towards the end of a full regenerative braking application. I can hear mine squeak every now and then because even after 11,000 miles my rotors are shinny new looking. So unless OP received vehicle and the accident was the first time the brought the truck to a stop it...
  10. Does the underbody shield negatively affect range?

    No reinforced body shield here. 20" AT Just passed 10,000. 40% driving 65 mph or over 60% under 55 mph hilly driving with lots of elevation change My average over the life of the truck is 2.32. Probably so many variables that to notice the difference you would really need to do a controlled...
  11. 2500 Miles with Trailer in Tow with R1T...Concluded!

    But think about the advantage of keeping your windshield clean.
  12. 2500 Miles with Trailer in Tow with R1T...Concluded!

    This has some potential to be on the better side of aerodynamic so I'm interested to see range
  13. How many miles have you put on your Rivian?

    I just passed 9k with a 3/31 delivery. Mostly hilly western ny miles with one 1100 mile trip to Virginia Beach. Best truck ever?
  14. First totaled R1T?

    I'm just here waiting on some rims....
  15. AC Charger, Frunk, Tonneau

    Lets not scare him off. I look forward to his comments