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  1. atebit

    Blink biting off of EA

    Not to be outdone by ze Ghermans, Tommy: The Countdown Starts Now We Are Getting Ready For Major Improvements! All Blink chargers, the Blink Charging mobile app, and the Blink Network host portal will be down for improvements and updates starting Friday, October 7th at 9pm PT. During...
  2. atebit

    Just joined the Chipped Windshield Club

    Took the TINNIEST of a pebble this afternoon. I barely even heard it hit. But, I have a very small chip just below the driver’s field of vision (at least IMHO). A tiny piece of it was still embedded in the windshield. I’m hoping I can get Safelite to come fix it before it gets any worse...
  3. atebit

    Where are people getting teh 20” wheels?

    My Guide keeps telling me that these aren’t for sale until they are available S00N in the Gear Shop, yet I keep seeing tires/sets come up for sale?
  4. atebit

    Pennsylvania Tesla Gen I High Power Wall Connector (HPWC)

    Up for sale is a Tesla Gen 1 High Power Wall Connector (HPWC). Unit was purchased c.2015 and was professionally installed & de-installed by a licensed electrician. Unit is in excellent working condition. Gen I HPWC’s can supply up to 80A of charging current when wired to a circuit of sufficient...
  5. atebit

    Rivian Touch Up Paint Pen now on gear shop $40 NTL, I bought one.😒
  6. atebit

    Don’t Knock The Tock (Sound) You’ve Got

    Wondering how prevalent this so-called “normal” behavior is.
  7. atebit

    My Service Exoerience (PA to Brooklyn)

    Back in the middle of July, Rivian made a service appointment for my truck to be picked up on Sunday 14 Aug for a service appointment in Brooklyn starting on 15 Aug. Early Sunday morning I got a text message from the towing provider that they would be there within 2-3 hours. When they hadn’t...
  8. atebit

    Driver+ Mapping?

    So I understand the concept that Driver+ relies on “mapped” roads to function. But: - Who are the “Mappers”? Rivian? Some n-letter government organization? Those tall bald guys from Prometheus? - Why did Rivian choose this paradigm of driver assist vs say, the Tesla or Porsche method that...
  9. atebit

    Bed Mat?

    There doesn’t appear to be an application-specific bed mat for the R1T yet. Anyone have any experience cutting a generic bed liner to fit? What’s the best brand, tools to use, etc.? The last time I had to cut D-Ring holes in my Tacoma mat, it was a real PITA.