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  1. R1T Over Imogene Pass, CO

    Love that trail! Look forward to taking truck over it. Also look forward to not spewing diesel smoke at altitude in my Land Cruiser as I make that assent.
  2. Has anyone needed to replace a cracked windshield?

    In the exact same situation. Dropped the truck off this morning in SF. Elected to not take their offer for a rental as I still have my Land Cruiser. In addition to the windshield they will fix a passenger window trim issue, adjust the alignment of the frunk that is impeding proper (auto)...
  3. Rivian compatible dog seat covers?

    I haven't noticed that. I am traveling this week but can have a look when I am home to see if I have the same issue.
  4. Rivian compatible dog seat covers?

    Large - Smart, mesh center would have been a nice addition for the dogs.
  5. RAN Rivian Charging Stations Locations Map via Google Maps

    I visited this site on Monday and found that it hasn't progressed since May.
  6. RAN Rivian Charging Stations Locations Map via Google Maps

    Stoked to see the network starting to expand! I drove through Fortuna and Ukiahearlier this month, pre commissioning. Currently in British Colombia but will be headed through eastern Oregon next week. Anyone heard news on the location in Crescent, OR?
  7. Tesla Supercharger Membership Pricing Announced For Non-Tesla EV Owners ($0.99/month)

    5K miles and 20 or so EA charging stops. Plenty of odd behavior (thermal limiting, down dispensers, etc.) but always resolved by switching to an adjacent dispenser. Plug in first and then use the EA app to initialize the charge. I really like EA so far, to be honest. Leaving on a 4k mile...
  8. Rivian EVSE and 4 AWG

    The odd 30 degree screw terminal orientation on the PCB of that EVSE drives me nuts.
  9. Satin Black Powder Coated Rivian Factory 21" Wheels

    Thanks! This was around dusk. Including a high light example from earlier in the day. personally love all of the chameleon shades of limestone. all shot on iPhone 13 pro.
  10. Satin Black Powder Coated Rivian Factory 21" Wheels

    I went the poor man's route and added the twraps vinyl to my 21s to make them slightly less floral. Coupled with the aero removal, have to say they don't look half bad. Certainly going to get a set of steelies + ATs as soon as they are available, but am content with the upgraded look and...
  11. Steelies!

    I want steelies so badly. I love how they look on my 80 series. Super utilitarian. Subscribed.
  12. RAN Rivian Charging Stations Locations Map via Google Maps

    Ukiah chargers nearing completion? Wasn't aware of this potential location, but comparing the twitter images to the chargers in Salida, seems legit?
  13. PlugShare, A Better Route Planner, Rivian or what

    Does anyone know where the Rivian nav sources it charing information? I've now experienced a number of situations in which EA and Shell Recharge locations are simply non existent in the Rivian database. Presumably it is referencing a dynamic database, but it seems pretty stale. I use...
  14. Software Spotlight Version 2022.27.02 -- Official Rivian Feature

    I've had good luck with EA stations of late. Reliably getting 200 + kW at peak. I did encounter a station in which both 350kW dispensers were thermal throttling to 33kW due to failed cable cooling. Salinas, CA. When navigating to the station in Eureka, CA a couple days ago, I didn't notice any...
  15. Conserve Mode Efficiency Improved? Rivian R1T real world range on a 900 plus mile trip averaged 2.7+ miles/kWh

    Pinned at 73 indicated (70 GPS) I can reliably get 2.5 mi/kWh Pinned at 78 indicated (75 GPS) in a few tests, I've measured ~2.2 - 2.3 Both in conserve mode. 21" roads (with aero inserts), power tonneau closed, unpopulated cross bars over the bed.
  16. Rivian laying off 6% of its workforce

    I was also at a service center getting my spare and mood was similarly distracted. They did a great job of installing the spare and fixing my window trim quickly, though.
  17. Roadtrip! Portland OR to Northern Wisconsin.

    Dude, living the dream. This is so sick!!
  18. PPF is a necessity

    What product did you use for this? Struggling to justify wraps/expensive ceramic application for a truck. I love it and want to keep it looking beautiful, but I also don't want to stop short of enjoying my time in the backcountry to the fullest for fear of chipping a nail.
  19. Rivian compatible dog seat covers?

    I use an Orvis cover and love it! I've been hanging jackets and such off the coat hook behind the headrest without issue, also.
  20. Mounting a cell phone. Has anyone done it?

    I haven't removed the panel, so can't say for sure. In feeling around behind the panel prior to mounting, I didn't feel any discontinuous surfaces, for what it's worth. Anyone else know what lives back there?