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  1. Question about Rivian and ChargePoint

    Great thank you. Can I trouble you to describe the process for initiating the charge from the Rivian app? First EV and have never charged on a public station yet (only at home so far so no app required. :)
  2. Question about Rivian and ChargePoint

    So I guess my question is, what exactly did the Rivan/Chargepoint account linking step during the Rivian app setup actually do? I.e. If you need the separate ChargePoint app anyway why do they do this? Thanks in advance.
  3. Question about Rivian and ChargePoint

    Hi there, I have yet to charge our R1S on a public charger but am planning a road trip this weekend. I remember when I set up the app it asked me to 'link my account' to ChargePoint (I think). For those of you who have had your Rivian's for a while I'm wondering how this actually works in the...
  4. OMG! Meridian audio system is amazing (EQ Share)

    Hi there. Just curious, the screen shot you are showing with the EQ settings appear to be the default for what the vehicle is shipped with (at least they are in my case) When you say you dialed it in what settings did you actually change? I'm not an audiophile and would happily try the...
  5. Attention all R1S Dog Owners

    Quick follow up on this post. I received the Canvasback liner on Friday and installed it over the weekend. Here are some quick takeaways... Customer Service: The customer service from Canvasback has been amazing, and I echo what some others have said about how great this company is to work...
  6. Limestone Launch Edition R1S Delivered: Impressions & Photos

    Great post Papa! I've added a few comments to your feedback inline above based on a weeks worth of usage...
  7. Thoughts after Day 1 of R1S Ownership

    It worked for me! 😉 I plan to go through the panels with a fine toothed comb over the next day or so and will report back if I see anything.
  8. Thoughts after Day 1 of R1S Ownership

    Here is a photo for all you haters out there. ;)
  9. Thoughts after Day 1 of R1S Ownership

    I'll post a few photos later today, rain or shine. Been too busy actually driving the damn thing! ;)
  10. Thoughts after Day 1 of R1S Ownership

    Nice ride Papa! We can high five each other if we pass by on the streets of Seattle. My config was R1S LE, 22" sport Brights, El Cap with underbody. Also got cargo racks etc. but those haven't arrived yet.
  11. EV charger installation in the Kirkland WA area?

    Basically you file a form with your installer that allows you to not pay tax on the installation (services only I think). Details here... Your installer will be able to send you the form.
  12. Thoughts after Day 1 of R1S Ownership

    Funny you should say this as that is one of our 'goals' as well. We have friends who have a place in Montana (what a beautiful drive). From what I'm seeing so far it looks very doable (at least on the 22's) to have only one stop in Spokane. I plan to make a road trip up to Northwestern BC in...
  13. Thoughts after Day 1 of R1S Ownership

    If it stops raining long enough in Seattle for me to grab some decent videos/photos I'll do so and post them. I will say however that similar to other posters these things look better in person than they do in the photos. Best look I got prior to taking delivery was through the fence at the...
  14. Thoughts after Day 1 of R1S Ownership

    I hear you, and I'll provide updates as I have them (I'll update the main thread) Some of these issues will be due to 'user error' (me) and the cooling aspect fits into this category. Now that I'm more familiar with the climate controls I was able to make a few adjustments (activated a few...
  15. Thoughts after Day 1 of R1S Ownership

    Others have done a great job of providing detailed reviews of their vehicles so I won't attempt that here. Instead I'll just give a few thoughts for those who are still awaiting delivery. Background Took delivery of my R1S yesterday. LE, 22' Sport Brights w Underbody. First EV so my...
  16. The best color to hide dirt and paint imperfections?

    Definitely El Cap granite.
  17. Any R1S pre-orders hear from guides recently?

    I just picked up mine today! Good luck man!