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  1. Photo request: R1S vs other SUV size comparisons

    Unfortunately they are not real world pics😀
  2. Photo request: R1S vs other SUV size comparisons

    Now that we are seeing some if the forum members receiving their R1S', I was wondering if the owners can share some pics of R1S next to other suv's if possible so that we can get an idea of how it compares in size. This helps folks in the community to get some insights. Thanks in advance for...
  3. E-mail from Rivian 9/30 announcing Key Band delivery

    I have adventure pack reservation and will be interested to take if someone is not interested in using their bands
  4. Shattered Rear Window - R1T

    Two already? I'm surprised why rivian is not taking any action yet as they sure should be able to track number of windshields being ordered by service centres for repair
  5. Shattered Rear Window - R1T

    I think Rivian should seriously consider their glass quality. Or change their partner who provides their glass
  6. Kanundrum's R1S Delivery Build/Review

    Finally!! Congratulations!.
  7. New England R1S Deliveries

    Looking great. When you get a chance, can you park it next to a Tahoe and share some pics on size comparison
  8. Road Trip Underway: MI to CO

    I hope nebraska government utilizes federal funds b3ing released and build good infrastructure.
  9. First Mile Demo Drive- Kansas City KS

    I have an R1S reservation and that too adventure pack. Also my estimated window is first half of 2023. I hope I will be contacted by guide s00n😁
  10. First Mile Demo Drive- Kansas City KS

    If I dont see an el cap, I know where to see one in town 😜
  11. First Mile Demo Drive- Kansas City KS

    Hello All, Wanted to check if anyone here got a chance to be at First Mile Demo Drive at Kansas City. If yes, what colors were available when you stopped by. I have my test drive event this weekend.
  12. Tax Credit - Fisker Announces Pre-Purchase Program Will Rivian Follow?

    So, rivian batteries are supplied by samsung(South Korea, part of free trade deal) and If you ordered before march 1st and If your total config is priced below 80k, you should be good with tax credit of 7500 right. Why are people worried so much? Correct me If I am missing something.
  13. Tax Credit Changes in new bill [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS & ARGUING]

    I remember that samsung SDI is battery provider for rivian and come from South Korea which is part of free trade right? If That's the case, rivian should still qualify for 7500 from battery supplier perspective. Correct me If my understanding is wrong
  14. Sunroof Shade Option

    R u planning on getting ceramic tint to the panoramic roof as well? If yes, I would like to know how it looks at night from inside the cabin. I mean would we be able to gaze at stars? Looking forward to the pics and cost if you dont mind sharing the price tag for ceramic tint
  15. 20” AT vs 21” standard tires.

    Just wondering if we have a real world range difference for 21, 20 and 22"
  16. Nebraska

    I will try to stop by as i have a prior commitment. What time is the car meet?
  17. Nebraska

    You might be the only one whole got truck delievered😃
  18. R1S first look videos from Yosemite [shows space available with seats folded, connections, & storage]

    Yep. Just thought the same after watching the entire video and then realized that might be the reason why she never showed 3rd row space at all or did not even talk about it🤣