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  1. New software update 2022.35.03

    Posted in a different thread, but yet again no text messaging integration. Getting really old driving a brand new vehicle without any sort of text messaging integration.
  2. 2022.35 OTA software update rumors?

    Yet another update without text messaging integration. Awesome.
  3. Automatic Car Wash - What's Your Tonneau Cover / Cross Bars Setting?

    I'd argue if the car wash can rip off the crossbars that are very securely attached, I wouldn't want it anywhere near my vehicle. Not knocking on automatic car washes because it's your vehicle and time, you do you. But if I thought there was a chance for it doing that kind of damage, I wouldn't...
  4. Musk: Tesla Cybertruck will be waterproof and can serve as a boat, so it can cross rivers, lakes & calm seas

    I wonder if they'll go and retrofit this to the existing CyberTrucks
  5. When will R1x get V2H like the Lightning?

    V2L != V2H. V2L doesn't require a ton of expensive equipment like you're saying, Rivian just chose not to go that route. Like you've stated, the F150's have had the V2L for a while now and I agree, it's very useful and I wish Rivian went that route. The V2H though does require expensive...
  6. Hitch cover DIY mod. Ditch the screwdriver!

    Same, It's a truck and has a hitch opening. Not sure why I would need to cover that, it's more of a pain taking it on and off.
  7. Not A Current Reservation Holder Here. Odds of Taking Delivery in 2022?

    It's $1,000 fully refundable deposit. Put it in and see what happens and how long it takes them to deliver it. Worst case they contact you and you're no longer in the market and you get your $1,000 back.
  8. This is why we do PPF

    Not the dog's fault the owner is an idiot
  9. Would you buy now (yes) or wait (no): Poll

    I've had my truck 3 months, and have only had minor issues like body lines not lining up to where I believe they should, but i'm also picky about body lines. Rivian service fixed it after 2 months due to it not being a high priority and rightfully so, I would have waited longer no problem. I...
  10. Banked power for those not wanting to upgrade electrical service?

    Isn't a single powerwall something north of like 10K? Upgrading your home is going to be way cheaper. Plus the powerwall is only like 13.5KWh, so you'd numerous of them to actually fully charge the vehicle.
  11. ⚡️ 2024 Jeep Recon EV Announced! (Off-Road Capable BEV That Looks Like a Bronco)

    I like that Wagoneer S. There isn't much details about it yet but from what I've seen I really like it. Will be interested to hear more about it in the coming months, but it looks really good.
  12. Release Notes for Software Update Version 2022.31.5

    I was hopeful that this OTA update was going to fix the issue where the truck constantly switches the profile to my wife, but sadly it did not. Any time I open the door for my wife, when I walk to the driver seat it's moving the seat into her position and I can't get in since we have a...
  13. ACC unavailable. Front camera blocked

    Used it this past weekend for about 45 minutes straight, had no issues with it. Also running 31 update.
  14. OTA 2022.31.5 software released publicly

    I’ve got ubiquiti WAP’s and have no issues with Wi-Fi connectivity to the truck. The access point is probably 50ft away and goes through two walls.
  15. Where to keep the hitch.

    I have a small tool bag that contains random items that I may need, like tie down straps, hitch and pin lock, jumper cables (kept in there from my ICE vehicle), and some basic screwdriver set. I also have a Ryobi 18v impact drill with an 18v battery that I keep in the gear tunnel with the bag...
  16. App 1.6.0 released

    Chicken and egg. People would complain that the OTA enables remote window control but Rivian hasn't pushed the update via mobile. And you don't push both at the same time because if there's an issue, was it the app update or OTA update that caused it?
  17. App 1.6.0 released

    That’s because your truck isn’t on the update that enables it. My understanding is once they release the next OTA update it will populate.
  18. App 1.6.0 released

    I just told my SC person the other day that I had no clue how many tickets I had open cause I couldn’t see them. Great update
  19. Gear Guard video storage onboard vs USB-C

    It's stored on the truck by default for 7 days. If you want it on the USB Drive, you have to manually select "copy to USB" in the gear guard. That might change in the future when we get things like the dashcam mode, but that's how it is as of now.